July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to Clemson Girl!

We were super busy this week and almost forgot...our birthday! This week last year we officially launched ClemsonGirl.com. Clemson Girl is one years old! We can hardly believe it!

We are so happy this blog has been such a success so far, and we can't wait for all of the new and exciting things we have planned for our second year!

Of course we couldn't do it without you, our lovely readers! You're the reason we work so hard to keep this blog going. Continue to send us your ideas, photos, recipes, etc.

And special thanks to our lovely sponsors! They provide all the awesome products and services we get to share with you on this blog - make sure you give them some love and visit their sites! Let them know ClemsonGirl.com sent you... ----->

So looking back on the past year, here are a few of our favorite posts...

07/21/09: Top 5 things to pack in your purse for a hot game day - One of my faves...still very relevant and I love how we didn't hold anything back with #5.. lol.

08/18/09: Guest Blog: Cute Plus Size Clemson Gameday Options! - I love that the author of this post contacted us by email with this idea and offered to write the post - when we said "Please do!", she took the idea and ran with it.

09/13/09: Goodbye Summer - The photo in this post makes us glad there's still almost two months left to summer.

09/14/09: Clemson Girl Success Story - This reader emailed us and told us how one of our posts helped her find the perfect Clemson gameday dress - and she sent us photos to prove it. She looks so cute and it really validated for us that people actually read this blog.

10/12/09: Tailgate Breakfast Recipe: French Toast Casserole - Best tailgate recipe on the blog so far - submitted by a reader!

10/24/09: Tigers upset #10 Miami - Congrats Tigers! - Still remember the excitement of this game...

10.31.09: Clemson vs. Coastal Carolina - Homecoming gameday photos - This was the game we were unable to attend -- so three lovely Clemson Girl readers volunteered their time and their cameras to capture gameday for us. I'm still so in love with all of the photos - they were amazing...better than we could have ever imagined.

01/21/10: Clemson Ladies Dining - Still probably my fave tailgate photo of the 2009 football season. Love these ladies.

02/23/10: Clemson Girl Giveaway - You be the blogger! - We got a lot of great ideas submitted by YOU...love it!

03/17/10: Happy St. Patrick's Day! - I still want one of these t-shirts!

03/22/10: Spring is in the air... - These are some of my fave gameday looks that we have created - and it doesn't hurt that everything is so affordable.

Wednesdays in May & June: Wedding Wednesdays! - All of the Wedding Wednesday posts! We couldn't pick just one!

Did you have a favorite post? Is there a post you'd love to read that we haven't posted on the blog yet?

Here's to another year of great Clemson sports, great Clemson posts, great conversation, and the continued growth of building a community of female Clemson fans!


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