July 21, 2009

Top 5 things to pack in your purse for a hot game day

Football game days are marathons - you wake up early to beat traffic and get the best tailgating spot. Then you tailgate before the game and then after the game. It's a looooong day. And it's even longer the first couple of home games in September when the games are usually during the day (I hate noon games!) and you sit through the game with the sun beating down on your face for a good solid four hours - assuming we don't go into overtime. And how do some of you tailgate without tailgate tents?

Some of us tailgate at one spot the entire day, but six times out of ten, it's not your tailgate - and not your car. You parked at the Brooks Center and you're now tailgating at Little John. Or you don't even have a tailgate base - you're a tailgate hopper who walks around and visits different friends and family at different tailgates spread across campus. Did I mention how hot the September games are??

So it's important, no...vital to be prepared and have your purses packed for a long game day. Now I'm going to assume that you have the necessities that all of us ladies pack in our purses - money, license, basic makeup, brush, and oh yeah.. your game ticket. But there are a few strategic "extras" that I would like to recommend to all Clemson Girls that you should include in your purses on game days. Some of these are pretty obvious, but you'd be surprised how many people forget or don't think to include these items.

  1. Battery Powered Fan - Ok, so a lot of people buy those dinky little small fans with two plastic or rubber blades....you can wear it around your neck and it takes two double A batteries. I'm not talking about those fans - you should get a REAL battery powered fan. The best battery powered fans aren't going to be tiny, but they are compact enough to fit into a medium to large sized purse - or at least attach to your purse strap. The best fan to look for is a fan that takes D batteries. These fans have 72 hours of batter life - no joke.

    Target has some really good options for battery powered fans. Last year I bought a square fan (about 5" x 5") that folded in half and fit in most of my purses. I used it for the entire first half of the season (I'm very hot-natured) and the batteries never died and the power of the fan never died down. It always worked. I would sit in the noon games with the sun beating down, sit the fan on my lap and literally had a constant breeze on my face. It made all the difference in the world. This fan on Amazon.com is very similar to the one I purchased - takes 8 D batteries and cost only $9.99. This one is white..Clemson-ize it and paint tiger paws on it with an orange paint pen. And trust me, having a big, battery powered fan makes you very popular among your friends. :)

  2. A Washcloth - I know some people carry travel tissues in their purse, and this is all well and good, however I have found that a washcloth is much more useful and reliable on those hot game days. Washcloths are absorbent - and keeping a small one in your purse is convenient when you start to sweat...dripping sweat....during the game. You can pull it out and pat your forehead dry, your shoulders, back, neck - anywhere that the sweat starts to accumulate. And on the really hot days, if you're wearing your hair down you can sit the washcloth on the back of your neck so it absorbs your sweat instead of your hair. And when you get back to your tailgate after the game and you've been in direct sunlight for almost four hours.... dip your washcloth in the cold cooler ice water..ring it dry...and sit it on the back of your neck. Siiiiigh.

  3. Face Sunscreen - You would be surprised how many people forget to pack this in their purse. I am very guilty of this and often end up asking the other fans around me if I can borrow their suntan lotion. So this year I'm going to be a lot better about packing suntan lotion - and not just any lotion - suntan lotion designed for your face. The suntan lotions designed for your face are less oily, better for around your eyes, and help prevent breakouts. You also need a higher SPF since you'll be in direct sunlight for most of the game (unless you're in the West End Zone...lucky!) I recommend Hawaiin Tropic's Faces Oil Free Sunblock, SPF 30. You can get 3 4 oz. bottles on Amazon for only $23.13. These look small enough to slip in your purse - and if not, buy some travel containers at the drug store to put the sunscreen in.
  4. Travel-size Deodorant - This one is pretty obvious... but I just don't think that one application of deodorant in the morning before you leave for your marathon game day excursion is enough to keep you 'fresh' the entire day. Ok, so we all know after a day of sweating you're not going to smell great - whether you mask it with body spray or not. But you can reapply deodorant periodically throughout the day - right before the game, after the game, etc. You'll feel better and you'll sweat a little less. Don't apply it while you're sweating... that won't do any good.. here's where item #2 comes in handy again. You can get travel-size deodorant at any Walmart, Target, or most drug stores.
Ok, so I saved the very best for last.... you're going to either laugh when you read this, be shocked, or agree with me and say this is a GREAT idea.... drum roll please......

5. Change of Underwear - Ok, ok, ok... hear me out before you make any judgments. Think about it - you're out in the heat ALL DAY... and you're sweating and well...yeah.... so nothing feels better after a really hot game then a change of underwear. I know this is probably passe to talk about, but it really is a good idea. Pack an extra pair in a ziplock bag and stick it in one of the zippered pockets of your purse - hidden away. Then after the game, run by the restroom and change. It will make you feel a little less icky and sweaty. You'll feel so much better! If you don't want to carry it in your purse, leave it in the car at the tailgate and get it when you return. Whether you're tailgating some more, going downtown, or getting in the car for a long ride home -- you'll be so glad to have a fresh change.... I promise. And yes...I'm speaking from experience.... :)

Ok... so there you have it. My top 5 items that you should have for every September football home game.

So now it's your turn - what would you add to this list? What do you ALWAYS pack in your purse for Clemson games? Any 'surprising' or 'unexpected' items like #5 that you don't leave home without? Please comment on this post and share with all the other Clemson Girls!

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carolineb said...

Great post--love the ideas! I would also suggest packing a koozie. Whether you drink soda or beer it only seems to take about 5 minutes in the heat to turn an icy cold beverage luke warm. And the 1
or 2 games where it is actually chilly it will keep your hands from freezing!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with all of the above items! I also come prepared with hand sanitizer and a travel-size roll of the Charmin toilet tissue (it's small enough to fit in any just about any purse) for those multiple trips to the nasty porta-potties! You can get the toilet tissue in the travel-sized item aisle in Target or Walmart, etc.

Clemson Girl said...

Toilet paper!! Another great idea - my friends and I always pack that as well - I didn't know they made travel size...good to know!

Thanks for the suggestions ladies... keep them coming!

Tara said...
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Tara said...

Make sure your lip gloss has SPF! Also, put your washcloth in a ziplock baggie to keep the rest of your purse dry. If it starts to rain put your cell phone or camera in it!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I usually don't take a purse into the game, I put my money in my pocket, but I'm going to take one now! Can't believe I missed this post last year! Awesome ideas. Some of this stuff I stash in the car. I wonder if my hubby wants a change of underwear too?! It's a fabulous idea.

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