September 14, 2009

Clemson Girl Success Story!

We just got an email from reader and Clemson alum Amanda Trujillo. She saw the cute orange, cap-sleeved dress from Macy's we posted back in July and bought it. Well, the dress fit her perfectly and she sent us pictures of her wearing the dress to the Clemson vs. GT game this past Thursday - great gameday oufit!

Here's her email:

After I saw the Orange cap sleeve dress you mentioned available online at Macys I had to buy it! I bought a size small and it was just the right length for someone petite like me! I wore the dress with flip flops for the Clemson/GaTech game.

Super cute, got lots of compliments from both Clemson AND Georgia Tech fans. I included a close up so you can see the detail, and two other pictures with friends that show the length. (I am 5ft tall)

- Amanda

Clemson Alum '08

Thanks for the email Amanda! Do you have a gameday outfit photo or shopping success you'd like to share? Email us at

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