January 23, 2015

Invest in a Vest

Just when we were getting used to these 60 degree temps - the forecast is calling for rain and lower temps this weekend. We are a big fan of vests to layer and bundle up with. There are so many options to choose from - puffy, not puffy, tweed, gingham, monogrammed... and orange!

Lmae Boutique
Lmae Boutique
JCrew Factory
Lands End

Are you rocking an orange, purple, or white vest this winter?

December 24, 2014

Clemson Christmas Trees

Merry Christmas Eve! Today's post will definitely put you in the spirit... the Clemson spirit!

A few days ago we posted on our Facebook page, looking for photos of Clemson Christmas trees - we expected a few submissions that we would feature on the blog. Well, we were not prepared for the response - over 50 submitted photos of amazing, creative, and special Clemson-themed Christmas trees and decor!

We may be somewhat bias, but these Clemson Christmas trees are beautiful, and you will find lots of great ideas to create your very own Clemson Christmas tree.

Here are a few of our favorites, although, we love them all... then scroll down to view the slideshow of all of the photos, or view the album in its entirety on our Flickr site.

This is our Clemson Christmas tree!
Beth & Brad Herring, Hartsville, SC
I actually have 2, one in the kitchen and one in the living room.
I had enough Clemson ornaments left over for a third tree,
just had nowhere to put it! McKayla Bohanna
My name is Hannah Borczak, I am a Clemson Alumni, so is my sister,
my sweet husband, and many cousins of mine! My great uncle,
Buck George, played for Clemson back in the day! Here is our
Clemson Christmas Tree! GO TIGERS!
Submitted by S. H. Brown
These ornaments belonged to my brother Sam Folk, Clemson Class of 1993,
who passed away three years ago. Since then, my sister Amanda,
my wife Tracy, and I have put up this tree for him, knowing it would make him happy!
Merry Christmas! from Jay & Tracy Folk and Amanda Folk
The tree is #ALLIN -  Has orange and purple lights (bought at Halloween time). 
All orange and purple ornaments with orange ribbons. You can
see (what my husband calls) DABO and OBAD trying to
climb the tree. All that's missing is a Clemson tree skirt. - Mary Beth
Shara Merritt, Clemson Class of 2001, Myrtle Beach, SC
Wilson Family Clemson Tree--stays up all year long!
Sandy Wilson, Hickory, NC
Here is the tree in my son's room. - Robin Sellers
Submitted by Jessica Humphries
Gwen Baity Cheatham, Clemson class of 1985
Elena Simpson Thomas, Clemson class of '94
Submitted by Cindy Williams
Submitted by Chandra Hampson
Here is my first year with my tree...hoping to improve in coming years.
Carolyn Cosentino, Clemson class of 2000
May your Christmas be Orange and White! - Donna Jacobs
This is my house divided tree. Merry Clemson Christmas! - Chrissy Hammonds

View all of the submitted Clemson Christmas tree photos in the slideshow below, or on our Flickr site...
Created with flickr slideshow.

Which of these Clemson Christmas trees are your favorites?

December 17, 2014

Gifting with Clemson Girl

This is my most favorite time of the year - besides football season, of course - and I love buying fun gifts for family and friends. To try and keep too much damage from happening to my wallet, I try to get creative or crafty... or both... and create gifts for friends and neighbors that are fun and unique.

We are working on several new ideas for t-shirts and other merchandise (including reorders of St. Patrick's Day shirts!) here at Clemson Girl, and want to clean out our existing inventory, so we've lowered the prices on some of our products which would make great stocking stuffers - shop the Clemson Girl Shop.

Our Clemson Girl tanks are now only $10. These tanks are lightweight, comfortable, and conservative - with a loose fit and wide straps - which we love. I wear my tank with a cute skirt for gameday, but it's also nice for working out, pairing with pajama pants, etc. Wrap it up in a bow and stick in your favorite Clemson Girl's stocking this year.

We are very low on inventory for our Clemson Girl koozies - hard to believe they are almost gone. We are working on a new design for our next set of koozies, so consider our existing koozies a 'limited edition'. :) Koozies are a great way to gift creatively.

Mason jars are all the rage these days with crafting and gifting (thank you Pinterest). Add a koozie to a mason jar, tie a ribbon around the top, and fill the jar with goodies.

Or use the koozie to stick one of our super cute Clemson Girl 'Just a Girl' decals in - a great stocking stuffer, and the decals are now only $3!

Add Ribbon to your koozie to create a simple and cute way to tie the top closed. We found ribbon on clearance at Walmart, and used fabric glue to attach the ribbon. If you wanted the ribbon to be removable (so you could still use the koozie for your beverage), use velcro or buttons to attach the ribbon.

This transforms your koozie into the perfect case for items or gifts. Stuff the koozie with Christmas candy and sweets, candy canes, or a plastic bag of homemade cookies.

Use the koozie to surprise a Clemson girl with a new pair of Clemson gameday sunglasses - the koozie acts as a perfect case to protect the gameday sunglasses.

And if you're like me and throw your sunglasses in your purse, you also throw your phone in there too. The koozie can also work nicely to protect a cellphone.

Make giving a gift card a little less "I didn't know what to get you, so I got you a gift card..." and a little more 'thoughtful' by gifting it with a koozie.

At only $3, our koozies are a great way to gift this Christmas. How do you use koozies creatively?

If you need a last minute gift idea, or are just not sure what to put in that Clemson Girl's stocking, check out The Clemson Girl Store.

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