May 20, 2015

Wedding Wednesday - Nikki's Clemson Wedding

We are very excited about today's Wedding Wednesday post... today we get to feature the love story and Clemson wedding of our very own Clemson Girl Sports Bloggess, Nikki Steele -- now Nikki Hood!

Nikki recently married her soul mate David - a fellow Clemson enthusiast, and head writer of TigerNet. So, we were not surprised to see that her wedding incorporated all things orange and purple and highlighted the couple's love of Clemson.

Nikki grew up attending Clemson games and always dreamed of attending Clemson, and of course did, graduating in 2008 with a degree in Sociology. She was always an avid sports fan... watching baseball, basketball and football, and that love for sports only grew while she was at Clemson, attending as many Clemson sports events as she could.

After Nikki graduated from Clemson, she did the unspeakable (we'll forgive you Nikki) and went to the University of South Carolina for her Masters Degree in Criminology. As she was finishing up her Masters at that school in Columbia, and knew that the job market was going to be slow, Nikki decided to pursue her passion for sports and decided to explore opportunities for covering sports. Nikki knew that David was the senior writer for TigerNet, and reached out to him to see if she could contribute to TigerNet until she found a full-time job.

Nikki got her a chance at writing for TigerNet - and her career there blossomed. David and Nikki became fast friends, and after three and a half years, an unexpected relationship and love blossomed between the two as well.

The Proposal (as told by Nikki herself)
"David and I took a weekend - right after football season ended - to go to Colorado. We both love the Denver Broncos, hiking, and the mountains, so what better place for a long weekend. We stayed in Estes Park and decided that we would try our hand in snowshoeing, even though we aren’t exactly the most coordinated. This attempt turned into quite the adventure. The snow was falling as we hiked around a frozen Bear Lake. We stopped about half way around the lake to catch our breaths in front of some beautiful icicles, and when I turned around to ask him if he was ready to go, he popped the question!"

We then asked Nikki how Clemson has played an important role in their relationship...
"Clemson is the reason we met. Without David being the senior writer at TigerNet, I have no doubt that we would never have met. With both of us covering Clemson, the Tigers have provided some of our best moments. Seeing Clemson win its first ACC Championship in 20 years, being on the field as time expired in the Orange Bowl as Clemson defeated Ohio State, and traveling up and down the Atlantic Coast are just a few memories that come to mind. We get to do some amazing things and have met some amazing people while covering Clemson and hopefully we’re here for a long time."

Nikki's dream was to always get married in Death Valley. Instead of walking down the aisle, she wanted to run down The Hill and meet her husband on the 50-yard line. Well... they tried, but couldn’t quite pull that off, so they did the next best thing. Nikki and David were married at the Old Stone Church in Clemson last November (on the off-week of course). Nikki's sisters and cousin were her bridesmaids and wore orange and purple. David and his groomsmen each wore orange ties. The flowers, invitations and programs were all orange and purple.

Nikki's wedding photographer Carl Ackerman did a fantastic job capturing all of the special moments throughout the day and took some great pictures of the couple at Sikes Hall before the wedding.

We are so happy our very own Clemson Girl Nikki found love and we are in love with her Clemson wedding! Thank you Nikki for sharing your stories and your photos with all of the Clemson Girl readers today.

If you are a Clemson bride-to-be or if you had special Clemson elements at your wedding, we would like to feature your love story and Clemson engagement or wedding photos. Reach out to us at!

May 13, 2015

Wedding Wednesday - Brittany's Clemson Wedding

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Today's post features Clemson Girl and Tiger fan Brittany and her husband Thomas. Here's their Clemson love story, wedding details, and gorgeous orange and purple, Clemson-inspired wedding photos....

Brittany's sweet story:
"Thomas has told me that all through high school he had a big crush on me. We've known each other for quite sometime. However, soon after high school he joined the military and I had not seen him in years."

"One day something just told me to send him a message on Facebook -- just on a whim. He soon asked me out on a date, and of course I said yes! We started dating, and after a couple of months my nerves got the best of me and I stopped talking to him. Worst mistake of my life!"

"After a few more months, I conquered my nerves and reached out to Thomas again. We hit it off perfectly! I had never been so happy... the man of my dreams not only loved me, but loved my 4 year old daughter too."

The Proposal
"I was getting ready for my work Christmas party when my mom, my daughter, my best friend, and Thomas walked in. Thomas looked so jittery and nervous. He took me into my living room in front of my fireplace, got down on one knee, and explained his love for me and my daughter. Then asked me to marry him! Of course I said yes!"

"I started planning the wedding right away. I wanted a Spring wedding and Sprint was right around the corner! I told Thomas I wanted girly colors for the wedding. He wasn't excited about that idea. Well, we're both huge Clemson fans, so I suggested 'orange and purple', and of course he loved the idea. The colors were absolutely perfect for a spring wedding!"

"My maid of honor and matron of honor wore purple and my bridesmaids wore orange. My husband and his dad did purple bow ties, and the groomsmen wore orange bow ties. Our favorite team colors looked perfect for our wedding - it was absolutely gorgeous! We then topped it off with a Clemson bride and groom cake topper!"

Thanks so much to Brittany for sharing her sweet love story and Clemson wedding with us today!

Are you a Clemson bride or bride-to-be who wants to share their Clemson wedding or Clemson engagement photos in an upcoming Clemson Girl Wedding Wednesday post? Email us at

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