March 10, 2015

Oh so pretty... Anthropologie finds

I have a love/hate relationship with Anthropologie, and have been in this relationship for years... Anthropologie has beautiful, unique items that I wish I could make mine, but sometimes the price tag is far outside of my budget for the purchase to become a reality.

That doesn't stop me from window from time to time, and enjoying the beauty -- and sometimes I get lucky and catch something on sale, or find an item that priced just right to find it's way to my doorstep.

Here are some lovely orange and purple items I found on Anthro's site today... happy shopping... or if you're like me, window shopping! Although, I will say that gorgeous scarf is calling my name - and just might be worth that $50+ price tag.

Gazette Infinity Scarf - $58
Laranja Floppy Hat - $58
Lace-trimmed Throw - $149.95
Lisbon Knob - $8
Prismatic Throw - $59.95
Barnegat Pullover - $49.95
Plaited Tropez Watch - $99.95

And ok, maybe this last item isn't as 'gorgeous' as some of these other items... but we think any room basked in the glow of an orange light sounds like a 'bright idea'... And at only $5, what's not to love!?!

Orange Ceramic Light Bulb - $5

February 5, 2015

Clemson Gameday Look - Love & Layers

Valentine's Day is right around the corner... and whether you're celebrating romance with your special someone, or celebrating great friendships with your girlfriends, it's a fun occasion for getting all dressed up! Only problem... it's cold!!

So how can you still wear your cute Spring dresses for Valentine's Day and not look like you forgot to check the weather? LAYERS!

Create an entirely new look with one of your favorite dresses in your closet...add a light top or blouse over your dress, then layer on top with a cozy sweater.

How adorable is this guitar dress from And it's so cute layered with a gorgeous lace top and cropped sweater. Add the bright orange heels (of course) and a fun clutch (also from, and you've got a perfect Valentine's Day look... which, of course, also works for a Clemson gameday. :)

Check out all of the super cute cardigans that has to offer - we love to layer!

Clemson Girl - Love & Layers

Cocktail dress

Purple top

Short sleeve top

Heels & pumps

Barrette hair clip

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