August 18, 2009

Guest Blog: Cute Plus Size Clemson Gameday Options!

Hey fellow Clemson Girls! My name is Ashley Harvell and I’m a HUGE Clemson fan! I’m actually not an alumni of Clemson but my grandfather was back in the 40’s. I absolutely love Clemson and my favorite season is football season. My husband and I are such huge Clemson fans that we had our wedding in March because we didn’t want to miss a Clemson game! We even had a Clemson themed wedding! But enough about me, this guest blog is about plus size, cute options to wear to Clemson games!

I’m your typical girly-girl/tomboy. I love to dress up and do my makeup and hair and get really pretty, but on the other hand, nothing is better than curling up in a ratty pair of jeans and an oversized t-shirt with no makeup and hair up in baseball cap.

Normally when I go to games, I’m in blue jeans or shorts and a Clemson t-shirt with my hair hidden by a hat. I admit I used to make fun of the girls who were dressed up with the makeup and hair done. Deep down though, I know it was because I was jealous. I’m a curvy girl. I’m like the majority of the country and not a size 0 or 2. I’m a healthy size 18, a 16 on a good day! I love cute stuff, girly stuff but a lot of the stuff that most of the Clemson girls wear I can’t. So I went on a mission to find cute purple and orange dresses and shirts that would look cute on gameday. Lo and behold, there are a lot of great Web sites that have cute stuff for girls like us! I’m with Clemson Girl on this; there are a lot of companies that are closet Clemson fans!

While doing a Google search for orange dresses, the first one I found was this one from Its color is listed as tangerine but the picture looks pretty close to the orange we would need.

With the way it’s cut, you could put a long sleeve shirt under it with some brown boots for the cooler games. They also have a very cute purple shirt with a slight cowl neckline. With the necklaces “built” into the shirt, accessorizing would be easy!

One of my favorite stores for curvy girls’ clothes is Old Navy. Their clothes are actually cut very well for us. I wear their jeans and their plus size options are great. The thing I like about them, that puts them #1 on my list, is the fact that their regular women’s collection goes up to size 18/20. Here are two options actually from their women’s collection:

The orange babydoll is on sale for $9.99 and the purple babydoll is on sale for $7.99. How awesome is that?? They go up to size XXL. These are actually shirts and will hit below the hip so they could be paired with a great pair of shorts for the warm games and with leggings and boots for the colder games! These are great gameday options!

Another Old Navy option is this Women’s Plus Belted Kimono Sleeve Dress. It’s a faux wrap with an empire waist so it will hide the stomach if you eat too much tailgating food!

Alright Curvy Clemson Girls!! Here are some starter options for us to look as cute and as confident as our skinnier counterparts! I’ll definitely be sporting some of these with cute accessories and my fave Clemson purse!

Clemson Girl: Thanks Ashley for the awesome post! Ashley is getting a free Clemson Tiger Rag courtesy of for her contribution. Would you like to be a Guest Blogger for Clemson Girl? Know of a perfect topic for this blog? Email us and let us know!

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carolineb said...

Fantastic post! Fashionable and affordable finds

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem! I am always on the lookout for gameday dresses! Not many options out there but great post, there's hope for us all!

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