January 21, 2010

Clemson Ladies Dining

This is probably one of my favorite photos from this past football season, taken at the Clemson vs. UVA game back in November... these ladies were so friendly and were so excited when I approached them to take their picture. I think we took three or four shots until they felt the picture was just right. :)

Check out the setup...crystal wine glasses, an adorable table cloth, a candelabra, real plates, real silverware... now that's classy tailgating! Love it!

What's unique about your Clemson tailgate?




Buckhead Belle said...

Love it! That is tailgating done right!

Rena Barbara Jeana said...

I would love to see these ladies while I tailgate so I could join them!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome....it is an event in itself!!

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