January 20, 2010

My Wednesday Orange & Purple Loves

Lots of great orange and purple finds out there today... I am so in LOVE with the Lulus.com orange dress below - so much so that I've actually bought it! Check out that back - can I pull it off? I hope it's the right color orange! It would be so cute paired with brown knee high boots and a purple cardigan for one of the games in October!

And hello...a cute purple and white dress for only $10.00 from GoJane.com!

Check out the orange AND purple winter coat from ModCloth.com - you'll rarely (if ever) find a coat with both of Clemson's colors in it! Worth the extra dollars...

Comment on this post and let me know what you like the best out of these options - or post a link to your own orange and purple Wednesday finds.... Happy Wednesday!


1 comment :

Mandy said...

I love the orange dress with the open back! Love it!!

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