January 7, 2016

10 things to pack in your National Championship gameday bag

On Monday we posted 10 things Clemson Girls needed to know about the University of Phoenix stadium if you're headed to Arizona and have game tickets for the National Championship game. One of the things we learned and shared was the bag policy for the stadium. The only bags allowed in the stadium are clear bags, no larger than 12"x6"x12", or small clutch bags, no larger than 4.5"x6.5".

If you're like me, I could not survive a long gameday, an away game for that matter, with just a 4.5"x6.5" clutch. Not.going.to.happen.

I purchased this not so attractive clear bag that meets the stadium guidelines to carry with me on gameday and into the stadium for the National Championship game.

In addition to the obvious items I normally carry in my purse (i.e cell phone, makeup, game tickets, etc.), here are some tips for items to be sure to pack in your gameday bag for the National Championship game...

1. Bring cash. It's just easier to purchase game programs, concessions, t-shirts, etc. at the game with cash. Not all vendors will take cards, and sometimes there are special lines for cash only that are shorter and move faster. And speaking of cash, more importantly, bring the traditional Clemson stamped two dollar bills! A longstanding tradition to show the city hosting Clemson for an away game that Clemson fans travel and the impact we have on their local economy. You can get $2 at most local banks. Learn more about the Clemson $2 bill.

2. Bring your cold weather accessories. When I think of Arizona, I think - warm desert heat. There will be no heat next Monday in Glendale. Have you seen the forecast? Brrr!

The roof of the stadium will be closed for the game, so you won't have the open air breeze to keep a chill in the air. However, early in the day and after the game, it's going to be COLD. Make sure you pack your cold weather layers - keep in your gameday bag and have them ready when you need them. The blanket scarf trend really comes in handy - wear it as a scarf, wear it as a wrap... wear it as a blanket! Stay warm Clemson Girls!

Orange Pashmina
Purple Sweater Blanket Scarf

3. Lotion, eye-drops, and lip balm...oh my! If you live in the Southeast, you are used to 100% humidity year-round. If you have traveled out West, you know that it's much dryer - much, much dryer. Whenever I'm out West, because I'm so used to the humidity, I'm always impacted by the dry air - chapped lips, dry skin, dry eyes. So I always pack a moisturizing hand lotion, eye drops, and lots and lots of chapstick!

4. Medicines. Do not let a pesky headache or an annoying stomach ache ruin your National Championship gameday! Keep a pain reliever and stomach medicine on hand just in case.

5. Antibacterial Spray or Hand Wipes. Keep germs away and pack a travel antibacterial spray or hand wipes. From the port-a-potties while tailgating, to the crowded restaurants, to the stadium bathrooms - trust me... you will be glad to have these germ-fighting items.

6. Portable phone charger. If you do not have one of these new nifty tools, now is the time to get one. Portable mobile phone chargers are a lifesaver. You won't have outlets handy on gameday, and it will be a looong day. Don't miss out on texting "Go Tigers! We just won the National Championship game!" to your friends at home because your phone is dead.

Clemson Portable Phone Charger

7. Sharpie Marker. The National Championship game is a big event. The face that Clemson is going is also a big event (for Clemson fans, alums, past players, etc.). You never know who you might run into at a local bar, at the concession stand, or at a fan event (Eric Church, is that you?). Former Clemson football greats will be at the Fan Central event signing autographs also. Make sure you have that marker handy, just in case, to get a signature on your Clemson gameday shirt... they could even sign your clear, plastic gameday bag. :)

{image source}

8. Plastic bags or mesh bags. In addition to the gameday bag rule we discussed on Monday, we also shared that each and every fan will go through a standard security screening process before entering the stadium. Security will be looking in and around your bag... asking you to open makeup bags and anything that might have additional items in it. Skip the lengthy security process and make your life (and your security screener's life) much easier by using plastic bags or mesh see-through bags for smaller items - makeup, medicines, etc. The security screener can easily see what's in the bag and wave you through, versus having to unzip the bag, rifle though it, etc.

{image source}
Orange mesh cosmetic bags

9. One bottle of water. You are allowed to take in "one factory-sealed, non-frozen 500mL (16.9 fl. oz.) plain bottle of water (sports drinks and flavored water not permitted)" into the stadium. Grab a free bottle at your hotel or at a quickie mart on the way to the game. I guarantee that bottle of water will be much cheaper than the bottles of water sold inside the stadium. Take advantage and bring your allowed bottle of water.

{image source}

10. Clemson Koozie. Always, always carry a Clemson koozie with you. Of course it always comes in handy when you need it to keep your beverage cold while tailgating, but you can also use it as a temporary case to protect your sunglasses, or stick other items in it to make them easier to find (keys, charge cords, chapstick, etc.) -- a koozie is always a good idea! I always have my favorite Clemson Girl koozie with me of course!

Clemson Girl Koozie

What other items do you plan on packing in your gameday bag for the National Championship game?
Share your ideas and tips in the comments below.

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