January 4, 2012

Clemson Two Dollar Tiger Bills - Bowl Bound How-To

From Wikipedia: "It has been a Clemson tradition dating from September 24, 1977 for Clemson fans to spend two dollar bills on away game trips. This began when Clemson played Georgia Tech 'for the last time' as Tech refused to travel to Clemson. Of the seventeen games played between Tech and Clemson between 1953 and 1977, only once, in 1974, did the Yellow Jackets deign to come to Death Valley. To show the Atlanta business community how much money Clemson fans contributed to the local economy which would not be coming to town anymore, Tiger fans spent vast quantities of two dollar bills, many of them stamped with Tiger Paws. This was the start of Clemson's two dollar bill tradition...."

:) Go Tigers! Beat WVU!



Anonymous said...

Isn't that illegal?

Emily @ LaForce Be With You said...

where can you get that stamp?

Valerie said...

that's really neat! I've never heard of that!

Anonymous said...


Stamping bills is perfectly legal, as everyone who is a Where's George participant knows.

Keep stamping those Twos and become a "Top Tom" !!

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