August 26, 2011

You might be a Clemson Girl if... buy a Clemson Girl t-shirt and support Dabo Swinney's All In Team Foundation!

Front center chest: "Clemson Girl"
Back: "You might be a Clemson Girl if..." with top 10.

Shirts are only $14.95!
Buy the shirt now!!

Have you gotten your shirt yet? They are super cute! The back features oh-so-true reasons why you might be a Clemson Girl, and they resonate so well because they were created by real Clemson Girls...submitted by you!

So far to date we have sold 321 shirts! That's $642 you've helped us raise for Dabo's Foundation!! Thanks ladies!!

If you haven't gotten one yet, you can buy them online or buy them in Tiger Town Graphics or Tickled Orange in Clemson.

You can dress it up with a skirt or go casual with jeans.

They also make great are some reasons to buy a Clemson Girl a Clemson Girl t-shirt:
  1. "Thank you for feeding me at your tailgate" gift
  2. "Thank you for putting up with me as your roommate at Clemson" gift
  3. "Thank you for raising a Clemson Girl Mom" gift
  4. "Happy first day of football season" gift
  5. "You're a wonderful daughter..." gift
  6. "Congrats on getting accepted into Clemson" gift
  7. "Congrats on graduating from Clemson" gift
I'm even thinking of getting one, cutting the sleeves off, and making it fit my dog...who is a boy...but he'd still look so cute in it! ;)

Email us ( pictures of you wearing your Clemson Girl t-shirt and we'll share them on the blog!


Have a great weekend -- only 1 week left until kickoff!! :)

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