May 17, 2011

Clemson Girl T-Shirt Raising Money for Dabo's All In Foundation

Last month we announced an exciting t-shirt contest in partnership with one of our fabulous sponsors, Tickled Orange - we asked all of you to complete the following sentence: "You might be a Clemson Girl if..."

We wanted to find the top 10 best responses to put on a t-shirt that would be sold to raise money for Dabo's All In Team Foundation, which supports a number of fantastic causes.

Your response was overwhelming and the submissions were beyond expectations - some entries were so true of being a Clemson Girl...others were down right hilarious. The greatest challenge was trying to pick just 10.... but we did and the shirt is the perfect shirt for any Clemson Girl!

So, without further is the "You might be a Clemson Girl if..." t-shirt design:

Front center chest: "Clemson Girl"
Back: "You might be a Clemson Girl if..." with top 10.

Shirts are only $14.95!

Buy the shirt now!!

The official top 10 reasons and the names of the lovely ladies who submitted them:

10. The first words you learned to spell were C-L-E-M-S-O-N and T-I-G-E-RRR-S. (submitted by Melanie Pniewski)

9. You do three loads of laundry: lights, darks, and oranges. (submitted by Candy Herron)

8. The ringtone on your cellphone is Tiger Rag. (submitted by Happy Garner)

7. You wait for the football schedule to come out before you plan your wedding. (submitted by Alison Motroni)

6. You name your pets and kids after Clemson landmarks and legends. (combination of submissions by Amanda Lanford and Ashley Harvell)

5. You think orange and purple is a fashionable color combination. (submitted by Kathy Meredith)

4. You have ever sunbathed on Bowman Field or Lever Beach. (combination of submissions by Amanda K. Trujillo and Dana Lykins)

3. You think Clemson is THE university of South Carolina. (submitted by Kelli Brannen)

2. You get chills every time the Tigers run down the hill. (submitted by Christy Braswell)

1. You are ALL IN with Clemson and with Dabo! (by Tickled Orange and to support All In Team Foundation)

**Please Note: There were multiples of some of the submissions - we chose winners whose entries were sent in first.

You can now buy these shirts online on Tiger Town Graphics website and in the Tickled Orange store in Clemson.

Every t-shirt purchase guarantees a donation to Dabo's All In Team Foundation!

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and encourage your friends to buy one too. The more we sell, the more money we can donate to Dabo's All In Team Foundation!

What are you waiting for? Support a great cause and get your very own, official Clemson Girl t-shirt! Let's show Dabo that Clemson female fans are ALL IN with support of Dabo's foundation and its great causes... Clemson Girls unite - let's make a difference together!



Unknown said...

Love, Love. Love this shirt! AND love that I can confirm every one of the ten reasons to be a CLEMSON girl! 10-first wds my children learned to spell-CLEMSON. 9-our laundry is always in 3 colors, lights, darks, orange!8-my ring tone is OF COURSE TIGER RAG.7-ALL events are planned around CLEMSON football schedule! 6-Umm... My child is named BOWMAN, dog- tilley! 5-Orange and Purple are the BEST color combinations!!, 4-spent many days of my youth on both Lever beach, and Bowman field!, 3-There is NO other university in SC!!!!! 2-for my entire life I have poured tears each and EVERY time the TIGERS run down that hill!!1- AND WE ARE ALL IN!! WE LOVE DABO!!! BUY THIS SHIRT SUPPORT HIS FOUNDATION AND WEAR IT PROUD!!- C. Lancaster- a Clemson girl!!

Anonymous said...

How adorable! I definitely do a load of oranges, or two in the fall!

APR76CU said...

Have to get this shirt!!!! #6-Gave my grandson a puppy for his birthday, and he named him Spiller. #10-Grandson couldn't spell his own name, but C-L-E-M-S-O-N seemed easy to him. #9-I do at least 2 loads of orange every week in the "off-season", more in football season. I could go on & on......We bleed orange in this house and we are ALL IN!!!!

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