March 30, 2010

Is it really swimsuit season already??

So it's inevitable - the weather is getting warmer and Target has their bathing suits out on display... this means that I will be forced to wear a bathing suit in the near future. Funny how bathing suit season always sneaks up on you after a nice long Fall and Winter of holiday food and hiding in big sweaters and jeans.

Are you ready for bathing suit season? I am ready to be tan again..but I might be opting for a one piece this year. :)


March 29, 2010

Tailgating Recipe - From Easter Egg to Deviled Egg

One of my favorite tailgating munchies is deviled eggs - they are so tasty and we could always use a good serving of protein on gameday, right?

So with Easter right around the corner, I thought what better way to recycle all of those dyed Easter Eggs than to make deviled eggs...Yum!

I found this deviled egg recipe involving another tailgate fave, chicken salad on and it sounds really tasty!

Lemon-Dill Chicken Salad-Stuffed Eggs


2 1/4 pounds skinned and boned chicken breasts
1 1/2 teaspoons salt, divided
1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper
24 large hard-cooked eggs, peeled
1 cup mayonnaise
2 green onions, finely chopped
1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley
1 tablespoon chopped fresh dill
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice


1. Sprinkle chicken evenly with 1 tsp. salt and 1/2 tsp. pepper. Grill, covered with grill lid, over high heat (400° to 500°) 6 to 8 minutes on each side or until done. Let stand 15 minutes; cover and chill at least 30 minutes.

2. Slice hard-cooked eggs in half lengthwise; carefully remove yolks, keeping egg white halves intact. Reserve yolks for another use.

3. Stir together mayonnaise, next 4 ingredients, and remaining 1/2 tsp. salt in a large bowl.

4. Pulse cooled chicken, in batches, in a food processor 3 to 4 times or until shredded; stir into mayonnaise mixture until blended. Spoon chicken mixture evenly into egg white halves. Cover and chill at least 1 hour.

Do you have a tailgating recipe you'd like to share? E-mail it to us at


March 24, 2010


So evidently the new style this year for Spring and Summer is rompers. I actually don't mind the trend having grown up in various styles of rompers in the 80's. However, every time I try one on I feel like I look ridiculous...but I secretly wish I could pull them off.

What about you? Have you bought a romper yet? Do you like this flashback to the 80's trend? I'm pretty sure this one from below is orange and purple...


March 22, 2010

Spring is in the air...

Even though their new mannequin commercials annoy the heck out of me, Old Navy is great for affordable basics in ALL sizes. Old Navy has a great selection of Spring apparel this year - especially in orange, white, and purple.

I love how you can take two key basics, like a jean skirt and a bohemian style, crisp white shirt and create two great Spring looks just by changing up the accessories... and all of this is from Old Navy! You can find all of these items online on or try your local Old Navy store.

I would wear one of these outfits to the Orange and White Spring game, and the other to a baseball game. What do you think?


March 19, 2010

Kristie A. Kenney

Kristie Anne Kenney (born 1955 in Washington, D.C.) graduated from Clemson in 1977 with a Bachelors degree in Political Science. She then went on to get her Masters degree in Latin American studies from Tulane University.

She is married to the current United States Ambassador to Colombia, William Brownfield. She speaks both Spanish and French.

Kristie is the current United States Ambassador to the Republic of the Philippines, and the first woman to hold the job. She was nominated by George W. Bush on November 3, 2005, confirmed by the United States Senate on February 16, 2006, and sworn into office by Secretary Condoleezza Rice on March 6, 2006. On March 17, Kenney arrived in the Philippines to assume her duties as the first female ambassador.

Prior to being the US-Philippine Ambassador, Kenney served as the US ambassador to Ecuador. Before working for the United States Foreign Service, she worked as a United States Senate Page, a tour guide in the United States Capitol, an intern in the House of Representatives, and as a staff member of the Senate Human Resources Committee.

At the State Department, she was appointed overseas as Economic Counselor at the United States Mission to International Organizations in Geneva, Economic Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Argentina, and Consular officer at the U.S. Embassy in Jamaica. Back home, she was appointed as Director of the State Department Operations Center, a detail to the White House as a member of the National Security Council staff, and Political-Military Officer in the Office of NATO Affairs.

Kenney served as Executive Secretary of the State Department before becoming Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement. She worked for both Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell and led the State Department's transition team from the Clinton to Bush Administrations.

Kenney will be replaced by a new Obama appointed ambassador at the end of her term. The Philippine media reported that Kenney, widely known to have become fond of her post, felt "heartbroken" at the thought of leaving it, quoting her Facebook status update, which reportedly read:

"Heart broken to think of leaving the Philippines but know it is time for me to plan to return to be with my family. Calling on my FB friends to help me not be sad but to enjoy and savor my remaining months in this lovely country."

Kristie A. Kenney is yet another notable Clemson female alum who has accomplished great things in her career after Clemson. No doubt Clemson University played a vital part in setting the stage for such amazing accomplishments.

Source: Wikipedia article on Kristie A. Kenney


March 18, 2010

Dr. Silvia Gilbert Middleton

Dr. Silvia Gilbert Middleton is a notable Clemson alum because she was one of the first three women to graduate in electrical and computer engineering (1975) from Clemson. She was also the first woman to graduate with a Masters degree in electrical and computer engineering (1976), and the first woman to graduate with a PHD from the College of Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering.

After her time at Clemson, she was the Assistant Dean of the William States Lee College of Engineering at UNC Charlotte for nine years before founding her own consulting company, Thinking Success.

Silvia has remained active with Clemson University by working with the NSF-funded engineering coalitions program, SUCCEED. She also has two nephews who are attending or have graduated from Clemson.

With female enrollment in science and engineering programs remaining stagnant for 25 years and females only making up 20% of existing enrollment in science and engineering programs at Clemson University, Sylvia is a role model for females anywhere who are interested in math and science. She has proved that any female can break stereotypes and topple barriers in a male dominated major and field.


March 17, 2010

Feelin’ Lucky? Get 20% from Razzberry Fizz this week!

One of my favorite new boutiques in Clemson is Razzberry Fizz – they sell some of the cutest stuff you can’t find anywhere else, and almost anything can be personalized in some way.

Razzberry Fizz is being honored this week by a local Greenville radio station, Magic 98.9, as the Boutique of the Week. They even created a Web commercial featuring “The Fizz” as owner Kathryn Tompkins lovingly refers to her boutique. Take a peek at it below and get a special glimpse inside the store…

This week only, through Friday, Razzberry Fizz is offering a special 20% off on your total purchase from the boutique – it’s our lucky day…or more like lucky week! Kathryn sent me some photos of some great items they have available that she wanted me to share with you… and of course, almost all of these can be personalized. :)

I have to start with my new favorite item that I had never heard of before until I saw these at Razzberry Fizz… Woozies! Woozies are Koozies for your wine glass! I am a white wine kind of girl, so I LOVE the fact that these woozies will keep my wine chilled in my glass while I mingle. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and can be monogrammed with initials, cute phrases, tiger paws…whatever you can imagine!

Check out this amazing Clemson collector plate of Tillman Hall – this is the first in a series of plates to come. I will definitely be stopping by ‘The Fizz’ when I’m in Clemson for the Orange and White game to purchase this – I can’t wait to see the other plates in the series. These would be gorgeous displayed in your kitchen or dining room. Or how about the Clemson door step painting – personalized with your last name of course!

You can also show your Clemson pride outside of your home with personalized flags and wreaths from Razzberry Fizz. The flags come in estate or garden size. The wreaths and ‘Go Tigers’ sign are hand painted and can be personalized any way you want.

Now that the weather is (finally) starting to warm up and Spring Break is upon us, you might be traveling to the beach for a little sun and relaxation. Keep your dresses from getting wrinkled with this gorgeous orange, paisley hanging bag – monogrammed with your initials. Or how about a bright and beachy outfit for your trip?

And another must on my list is this fun stand up cooler – perfect to keep your beverages from getting sandy on the beach, or perfect for tailgating before the Orange and White game. It easily folds up like a tailgate chair – much easier to stick in the back of your car than a big, square cooler.

If you live in Clemson or the upstate, you need to get yourself down to Razzberry Fizz this week and take advantage of the special 20% off! If you don’t live close enough to drive to ‘The Fizz’, give Kathryn a call (864-654-7722) and she’ll be glad to work with on a purchase over the phone.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day with a lot of orange from Razzberry Fizz!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hope you have a lucky day... stay tuned to the blog for a special post later today with a special deal with one of our sponsors!

Picture courtesy of Clemson Girl alum Lynde Bradford


March 16, 2010

Virginia Cole Skelton

Virginia "Ginny" Cole Skelton was already a wife and young mother when she enrolled in Clemson in August of 1955 as a secondary education major. Her husband Tom was in graduate school at Clemson during the same time and she recalls that they "studied a lot".

Ginny is a historic alum for Clemson University - she was the very first female to finish all of her undergraduate work at Clemson and graduate (1958, only 3 years!). She is recognized on Clemson's campus with a historic marker near the south corner of Brackett Hall - erected in 2007.

Photo credit: Brian Scott, May 29, 2009

After graduating from Clemson, Ginny went on to teach freshman Chemistry at Clemson for a number of years and eventually went into business with Skelton Home and Auto stores. In the late 1960's, her and her husband enrolled at the University of Georgia where she received a Masters degree and her husband a PHD.

Ginny began teaching high school and later became the co-owner of the real estate Skelton Properties. Over the years she has received many awards and honors: Realtor of the Year, Chamber of Commerce ambassador, American Heart Association chair, Foothills YMCA board member and much more.

Her legacy with Clemson didn't end with being the first female graduate. Ginny had many firsts... She was also the first Alumni National Council female president. She was Tiger Brotherhood Mother of the Year and later inducted into full membership, the first person to be honored with both designations. She’s held numerous leadership roles (Foundation, IPTAY, etc.). She was also recently a recipient of the Alumni Association’s Distinguished Service Award.

During last year's Tigerama, she was celebrated along with other notable, famous grads of Clemson.

I admire Ginny for continuing to be involved as a Clemson alum and giving back to the Clemson family and community. She will always be remembered as one of the Clemson women who paved the way for the rest of us. I hope I can be half the woman she is.

Source: Clemson World Alumni Profiles, Ginny Skelton


March 15, 2010

Margaret Bradley Poole

In honor of women's history month in March, we thought we would highlight a few inspiring Clemson female alumnus who have made an impact in their lives.

If you know of someone you feel should be featured this week, please email us at

Margaret Bradley Poole - One of Clemson's Finest First Ladies

Sarah Margaret “Margie” Bradley was born on Oct. 6, 1898 in Abbeville, SC. Her grandfather, John E. Bradley, was a member of Clemson's first board of trustees. The two were very close until he unexpectedly passed away right before she left for college.

Margaret left to attend Due West Woman's College (Erskine College). She was very creative and excelled in her studies. A college friend of hers said Margaret was "full of fun and good humor...she kept things lively."

While at Erskine, Margaret frequently visited Clemson because of her family ties to the school. In the Spring of 1916, she was asked to sing a solo with Clemson's glee club at one of the graduation ceremonies. Her performance caught the attention of a young cadet, R.F. "Frank" Poole. They began dating soon afterwards. The couple married in 1921 at Margaret's parent's home soon after Frank served his time in World War I.

The couple lived in New Burnswick, N.J. and Raleigh, N.C. while Frank finished his graduate studies at Rutgers Univ. and worked at N.C. State. During this time away from South Caroline, Margaret and Frank had five children.

In 1940, Frank Poole became the seventh president of Clemson College (Clemson Univ. old name). During his presidency, Margaret became known as "Clemson's Ambassador of Good Will" because of her service to the community and for hosting many college events. She was known to be able to handle any situation that came her way. One such incident occurred at a large dinner party Margaret and her husband were throwing for 43 guests. The hired cook never showed, so Margaret went into the kitchen and got right to work - cooking all of the food for the guests. She even greeted each and every guest - still covered in flour.

In 1958, Frank Poole passed away and Robert Cook Edwards became Clemson College's president. Knowing how much Clemson students loved Margaret, Robert asked Margaret to continue her service to the school as a counselar to students. He even once said about Margaret, "The students call on Mrs. Poole as special counselor to talk to them, and they love and respect her. Many are the benefits in manners and poise as she instructs them, but greatest of all is the influence her marvelous personality and zest for living has on them. They simply love her."

In 1947, Margaret established the Clemson Woman’s Club. It's purpose was to foster sociability among the women associated with Clemson and to serve as a social and service extension for the college.

Margaret also received many recognitions and awards in her lifetime. She was named Clemson's Mother of the Year in 1963 by Tiger Brotherhood. In 1965 she was recognized as South Carolina's Mother of the Year. And in 1972, the Clemson chapter of Delta Delta Delta (Margaret was a founding member) created a scholarship in her name.

Margaret Poole passed away on Jan. 22, 1975 and is buried in Cemetary Hill. Her legacy lives on in each and every Clemson female student who represent the university with class and service to the community.

This is a summarized and abridged version of the Clemson World Cemetary Chronicles article, "Beloved First Lady" by Rita Bolt Barker, Spring 2005.


March 10, 2010

Clemson Men's Basketball - ACC Tournament Schedule & Lineup

The ACC Men's Basketball Tournament starts tomorrow... Go Clemson, all the way to #1! Go Tigers!!

The 12 ACC Contenders - Team Name (Overall Record)
Duke (26-5)*
Maryland (23-7)
Florida State (22-8)
Virginia Tech (23-7)
Wake Forest (19-9)
Clemson (21-9)
Georgia Tech (19-11)
Boston College (15-15)
Virginia (14-15)
North Carolina (16-15)
North Carolina State (17-14)
Miami FL (18-12)
*Duke is the defending ACC Champ from last year

Tournament Dates: Thursday, March 11 - Sunday, March 14th
Tournament Location: Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC

Opening Round: Thursday, March 11th
- GAME 1: #8 Boston College vs. #9 Virginia (Noon EST, RAYCOM)
- GAME 2: #5 Wake Forest vs. #12 Miami (2 p.m. EST, RAYCOM)
- GAME 3: #7 Georgia Tech vs. #10 North Carolina (7 p.m. EST, ESPN2)
- GAME 4: #6 Clemson vs. #11 NC State (9 p.m. EST, RAYCOM)

Quarterfinals: Friday, March 12th
- GAME 5: #1 Duke vs. GAME 1 Winner (Noon EST, RAYCOM/ESPN2)
- GAME 6: #4 Virginia Tech vs. GAME 2 Winner (2 p.m. EST, RAYCOM/ESPN2)
- GAME 7: #2 Maryland vs. GAME 3 Winner (7 p.m. EST, RAYCOM/ESPN2)
- GAME 8: #3 Florida State vs. GAME 4 Winner (9 p.m. EST, RAYCOM/ESPN2)

Semifinals: Saturday, March 13th
- GAME 9: GAME 5 winner vs. GAME 6 winner (1:30 p.m. EST, RAYCOM/ESPN)
- GAME 10: GAME 7 winner vs. GAME 8 winner (3:30 p.m. EST, RAYCOM/ESPN)

Final Championship Game: Sunday, March 14th, 1 p.m. on ESPN/Raycom

Click here for a printable bracket from the ACC Championship Web site.


March 5, 2010

The perfect Clemson dress!

You can't get any better than this gorgeous dress from - in orange AND purple! So many ways to dress it up or dress it down...wear it for a warmer game, or pair with boots and a cardigan for October. Love this!

What do you think??


March 4, 2010

Quick Poll: Is this 'carmine red' Modcloth dress orange?

I saw this cute dress on today - and it definitely looks orange to me...until I read Modcloth's description where they called it "carmine red". Huh?

So what do you think? Is "carmine red" just a fancy way of saying orange? Or is this dress not orange?

Visit and see the dress.


March 2, 2010

Baseball Tailgating Recipes

While regular basketball season begins to wind down and March Madness begins, Clemson baseball is just getting started...

Whether you're tailgating at an actual baseball game, or having friends over to watch the game on TV...these recipes would be perfect for a baseball-themed menu. Easy to make and take to your tailgate or serve at a party...these recipes will get you in the spirit of the game. Oh, and of course they sound very yummy too!

Click the photos or links to view the entire recipe...

Popcorn Snack Mix
This easy to make combination of popcorn, crispy cereal and salty peanuts are reminiscent of a crackerjack snack - just add your own prize. View entire recipe at

Buttery Soft Pretzels
For anyone who loves the mall bought pretzels, you'll love making your own with this delicious looking recipe. You can leave the pretzels plain, add a bit of pretzel salt or coat them with cinnamon and sugar. Then dip the hot pretzel in melted butter and coat with different flavors. These would be great served with cold beer! Yumm! View entire recipe on

Homemade Lemonade
Pretty basic recipe for fresh, homemade lemonade - takes a little arm work, but worth it in the end. Perfect for a warm, spring game. Add a little of your favorite rum or vodka to make an adult version - but drink in moderation. :) View the entire recipe on

Strikeout Salad
"This medley of garden-fresh vegetables, tender pasta and a homemade vinaigrette is sure to execute a triple play on your taste buds. The tubular noodles and round olives will likely remind your crew of bats and balls." View the entire recipe on

Hot Dog Roll Up
A fun and easy spin on a classic, cheesy hot dog recipe using a tortilla wrap instead of a bun. Easy to make using your grill at the tailgate or your grill at home. Don't forget the ketchup and mustard! View the entire recipe on

Cap and Ball Cookies
Last, but definitely not least, for your baseball tailgate menu is the dessert...delicious cookies in the shape of baseballs and baseball caps. Fun to make with your kids and definitely appropriate for tailgating before the game. View entire recipe on

Do you have any recipes perfect for Clemson's baseball season you would like to share on this blog? Email us at and let us know!

I just had lunch...but writing this post has made me hungry again!


March 1, 2010

Winner of Palmetto Tote giveaway

Last week we posted asking readers what ideas you had for this blog - what you wanted to read more of. We got some great ideas and encouragement for all of you who posted on the blog and on our Facebook page. We really enjoyed reading everyone's ideas and will definitely use them to plan future posts!

We randomly drew a name from the list of comments.. and the winner is...

Lindsay S. from Wilmington, NC!

Here is Lindsay's comment:
"I love love love your gameday outfit suggestions! On numerous occasions I have bought something orange or purple that you have posted to the website from different online stores. I would love to see more of that including any jewelry ideas because sometimes it is hard to find cute clothes in Clemson colors. Also, any sports scores or events going on in or around Clemson are great too."

Thank you Lindsay for your kind words and your ideas for the blog! Please contact us via to claim your prize - an adorable Palmetto Tree Tote from the Game Day Divas.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted comments and ideas to the contest...stay tuned to the blog for better posts and contests this year from!

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