March 1, 2010

Winner of Palmetto Tote giveaway

Last week we posted asking readers what ideas you had for this blog - what you wanted to read more of. We got some great ideas and encouragement for all of you who posted on the blog and on our Facebook page. We really enjoyed reading everyone's ideas and will definitely use them to plan future posts!

We randomly drew a name from the list of comments.. and the winner is...

Lindsay S. from Wilmington, NC!

Here is Lindsay's comment:
"I love love love your gameday outfit suggestions! On numerous occasions I have bought something orange or purple that you have posted to the website from different online stores. I would love to see more of that including any jewelry ideas because sometimes it is hard to find cute clothes in Clemson colors. Also, any sports scores or events going on in or around Clemson are great too."

Thank you Lindsay for your kind words and your ideas for the blog! Please contact us via to claim your prize - an adorable Palmetto Tree Tote from the Game Day Divas.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted comments and ideas to the contest...stay tuned to the blog for better posts and contests this year from!


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