March 24, 2010


So evidently the new style this year for Spring and Summer is rompers. I actually don't mind the trend having grown up in various styles of rompers in the 80's. However, every time I try one on I feel like I look ridiculous...but I secretly wish I could pull them off.

What about you? Have you bought a romper yet? Do you like this flashback to the 80's trend? I'm pretty sure this one from below is orange and purple...



Anonymous said...

It's really cute...and I would love to be able to wear it. BUT it would be extremely difficult dealing with it in a porta-potty and the stadium restrooms!!

Clemson Girl said...

Wow..good point! Didn't even think of the restrooms! I almost wore my Spanx to a game once because I was feeling a little rolly in my dress... then my best friend pointed out how hilarious it would be trying to put them back on in the porta-potties... needless to say I didn't wear the Spanx after that mental image. :)

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