March 2, 2010

Baseball Tailgating Recipes

While regular basketball season begins to wind down and March Madness begins, Clemson baseball is just getting started...

Whether you're tailgating at an actual baseball game, or having friends over to watch the game on TV...these recipes would be perfect for a baseball-themed menu. Easy to make and take to your tailgate or serve at a party...these recipes will get you in the spirit of the game. Oh, and of course they sound very yummy too!

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Popcorn Snack Mix
This easy to make combination of popcorn, crispy cereal and salty peanuts are reminiscent of a crackerjack snack - just add your own prize. View entire recipe at

Buttery Soft Pretzels
For anyone who loves the mall bought pretzels, you'll love making your own with this delicious looking recipe. You can leave the pretzels plain, add a bit of pretzel salt or coat them with cinnamon and sugar. Then dip the hot pretzel in melted butter and coat with different flavors. These would be great served with cold beer! Yumm! View entire recipe on

Homemade Lemonade
Pretty basic recipe for fresh, homemade lemonade - takes a little arm work, but worth it in the end. Perfect for a warm, spring game. Add a little of your favorite rum or vodka to make an adult version - but drink in moderation. :) View the entire recipe on

Strikeout Salad
"This medley of garden-fresh vegetables, tender pasta and a homemade vinaigrette is sure to execute a triple play on your taste buds. The tubular noodles and round olives will likely remind your crew of bats and balls." View the entire recipe on

Hot Dog Roll Up
A fun and easy spin on a classic, cheesy hot dog recipe using a tortilla wrap instead of a bun. Easy to make using your grill at the tailgate or your grill at home. Don't forget the ketchup and mustard! View the entire recipe on

Cap and Ball Cookies
Last, but definitely not least, for your baseball tailgate menu is the dessert...delicious cookies in the shape of baseballs and baseball caps. Fun to make with your kids and definitely appropriate for tailgating before the game. View entire recipe on

Do you have any recipes perfect for Clemson's baseball season you would like to share on this blog? Email us at and let us know!

I just had lunch...but writing this post has made me hungry again!


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