September 19, 2010

A heartbreaking loss...but a great fight by Clemson.

How about those Tigers? The Clemson Tigers? As you may have read, we made the trek down to Auburn for the game. It was fun passing a lot of Clemson fans on the interstate - and even some Auburn fans as well.

One of the things I LOVE about Clemson fans is that we travel - there were a ton of Clemson fans at the game. You could see pockets of orange among Auburn's 'Blue Out' fans.

The game was full of highs and lows. We were in the upper, upper deck - but it was a ton of fun to be surrounded by so many Clemson fans. We didn't know each other, but we were high five-ing, hugging one another, and consoling each other all throughout the game. That's another thing I love about Clemson fans - we may be strangers, but Clemson makes us family.... and hugging total strangers sitting next to you after a Clemson touchdown is considered normal. :)

Auburn fans were pretty friendly - although the whole copying our "All In" tag line was frustrating, and the "SEC" chant while walking back to our car wasn't appreciated either. :(

It was a rough game too with players injured on both sides - including Kyle Parker who played through intense pain. Rumor has it that he'll be ok and ready to go by the Miami game. The kickoff time for the Miami game should be announced sometime tomorrow.

You can read the game synopsis, stats and analysis from TigerNet - they are the pros on reporting this stuff. All I can say is what a game and even though we didn't win, we sure put up a heck of a fight and gave me faith that we should have a great remainder of the season and win games that matter.

Two more weeks until Homecoming - you have a weekend coming up to relax your nerves and potentially watch Auburn beat the Gamecocks. :)

Stay tuned to the blog this week...we have new giveaway winners to announce tomorrow for the Razzberry Fizz Clemson wine glasses and for the Clemson croakies and koozies from Marley Lilly -- so be sure to visit tomorrow if you entered either of those giveaways last week. We'll be drawing from the existing entries -- sorry, no new entries will be accepted.



LK said...

Haha oh mannn I just laughed so hard at that hide yo kids sign that guy made!! Classiccc :)

Buckhead Belle said...

Love this post... I am so proud of the way Clemson played! Although, I did not appreciate the SEC chant either, haha. Also, what was with the 'all in'? That is our thing!

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