September 17, 2010

Clemson vs. Auburn

So who's making the trek to Auburn this weekend? We are leaving later today.

Word on the street is that this is going to be one of the biggest gameday crowds in Auburn with exception of the Alabama vs. Auburn games (the equivalent of our Clemson vs. USC games). Clemson fans WILL travel. I hope everyone has their $2 tiger paw stamped, traditional bills ready.

Another rumor I've heard is Auburn is having a 'Blue Out'... which is fine with me - I'll gladly take the orange. :) But... I'm wearing purple with orange jewelry - just so people don't get confused about which side I'm on.

ESPN Game Day will be in Auburn tomorrow - so a lot of hype has been built up over this game. It doesn't surprise me that SEC lovefest ESPN is already starting to sound like they're on Auburn's side...

You gotta love TigerNet though - who picked Clemson to win 26 to Auburn's 24. No doubt it will be a very close game, an exciting game - let's just hope the RIGHT tigers pull out with the win.

Did you know that Clemson first played Auburn in 1899? It was only Clemson's 14th football game. Auburn won. Guess who Auburn's coach was at the time? The legendary John Heisman. But Clemson won three of the next four games played against Auburn, including a 16 to 0 win. Clemson's coach at the time? John Heisman. Read more interesting facts about the football match up history between Clemson and Auburn on the Clemson Athletics site.

And maybe I am just a little biased.... but our Tiger is WAY cooler than their Aubie tiger mascot...

Game starts at 7 p.m. EST and will air on ESPN. Let's go CLEMSON tigers!!



Buckhead Belle said...

I will be in Auburn this weekend also! GO TIGERS!

Rachel said...

I'm excited for the game. We wish we were going, have fun! I agree about out Tiger!

Rachel said...

I'm excited for the game. We wish we were going, have fun! I agree about out Tiger!

Camille C said...

Yes I think our Tiger looks way better than their Tiger!! GO TIGERS!! Bring us home a Win!!

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