February 24, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring...

So today's rain got me thinking about how it rained almost every Clemson home football game this year...and not just drizzled... it poured!

I remember how I was very jealous of all of the Clemson Girls who had prepared and had on cute orange or purple rain boots and cute rain jackets. So I scoured the Web... I think this year I plan to be prepared for the worst!

Love all of these! What do you usually wear on rainy football gamedays? And don't worry if your answer is an orange poncho...sometimes those keep you the driest!

Please, please do not let it rain for the Orange and White game (April 10th - April showers???)... pretty please??



Allison A. said...

I go with the stand by orange poncho, but I REALLY like that raincoat. Thinking about ordering it....
Going to check out Razzberry Fizz this w/e first though.

Kelly said...

Yep, I was there, sitting in the stands in the pouring rain through all the games. I did the poncho thing too, but I also am loving that raincoat. I was already jealous of all those girls' rainboots so I'm thinking those are a must this year. How much longer til football season? 7 months? TOO LONG!!

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