October 16, 2009

Happy Friday! Lots of deals and contests this weekend for ClemsonGirl.com readers!

Hooray! Tomorrow is game day again in Clemson! And the best part is... NO RAIN! :) Finally! I'm so excited because I love the cooler games - I would rather be cold than sweating in the stands. I've got my gameday outfit ready complete with my brand new orange tweed peacoat and I'm excited that I can finally walk around again and capture your awesome gameday outfits with my camera to share on the blog.

It's also the game where the little Clemson Girls get to be cheerleaders - so I'm excited to get some cute pictures of all the little cheerleader outfits as well. And I've heard a rumor on our Facebook page that some Clemson Girls may be wearing Clemson snuggies in the stands... I hope I get a picture of that as well!!

So keep an eye out for me wandering around tomorrow with my camera. I'll not only be handing out ClemsonGirl.com cards, but I have orange pens and cute orange notebooks to give away as well. I'll give them out to everyone who poses for my camera until I run out.

Special Giveaway - Also, I have a really awesome orange, white, and purple handmade necklace from Chloe Marie Designs - the owner makes gorgeous, handmade jewelry and sells a lot of Clemson colors and tiger designs because she's a Clemson alum and huge fan. Anyways, I'm giving away this necklace to the first ClemsonGirl.com reader I bump into who asks me about the necklace - if I ask to take your photo for the blog, ask me about the necklace and I'll give it to you for free (about a $25 value)!

If you don't bump into me, don't worry, there are a ton of specials and contests going on this weekend from all of our awesome ClemsonGirl.com sponsors (we love them!). Check out all the specials below - even if you're not in Clemson this weekend you can still take advantage of some of these great offers!

Game Day Divas - Game Day Divas are offering 10% off on all of their handbags and 20% off on all of their wallets this weekend. Print out the coupons from the blog post yesterday and use them tomorrow at the Game Day Divas tent in front of Tiger Town Tavern downtown. Not in Clemson? Don't worry..shop online and get the discount by using coupon codes QBAG (for handbags) and QWAL (for wallets).

McAuley's Boutique - McAuley's boutique is offering all ClemsonGirl.com readers 10% off of their purchases when mentioning Clemson Girl when you check out - or get the discount online by using coupon code CLEMGIRL. You can also be entered in a drawing to win a $200 shopping spree with the boutique - all you have to do is comment on their Facebook page. We had a ton of clicks on the orange pea coat picture in Wednesday's post - it's up on the McAuley's Web site now - so use your discount and be warm (and orange) for the next home game!

Two Sisters Boutique - Two Sisters Boutique in Seneca has just gotten in a ton of new orange and purple apparel, jewelry and handbags! Read our post about Two Sisters from last month to see some of the great items they sell and to get directions. While you're in Clemson this weekend for the game, stop by the boutique and mention you heard about them on ClemsonGirl.com and get 20% off! You can also earn Two Sisters Bucks - which you can put towards your purchase - just by commenting on their Facebook page. Earn up to $25 towards your purchases!

Blake & Brady Boutique - Blake & Brady is right in the heart of downtown Anderson. Make sure you stop by this weekend and check out all of their great gameday apparel. Mention you heard about them on ClemsonGirl.com and get 10% off of your first purchase! Can't make it by the boutique? No worries - if you see something on their Facebook page or on our blog, just call them up and make the order and they will ship it to you for only an additional $5!

Gameday Boutique - Gameday Boutique is an online store that sells gameday apparel by team colors - and of course they carry orange and purple! Read our blog post from last month we did on Gameday Boutique to see some of the items they sell in orange and purple. - it's that time of year for an orange or purple scarf! Visit their site and use coupon code CLEMSONGIRL to get 10% off of your order.

Loose Lucy's - Make sure you stop by one of Loose Lucy's booths this weekend if you're in Clemson - they sell really fun and funky tie dyed outfits in orange, white, and purple. Read our post from last month to see some of their items and to find out where to find them tomorrow in Clemson! You can also shop their online store and get 20% off when you put 'Clemson Girl' in the comments section at check out. And don't forget they also have seven locations across the state if you want to shop in person.

Tickled Orange - If you're in Clemson this weekend - don't forget to stop by Tickled Orange downtown. Read our post about them from last month to see all of the great apparel, gifts, etc. they sell. I'm not sure if they are still running this discount - but it doesn't hurt to try - mention you heard about them on ClemsonGirl.com and get 10% off of your purchase. You can also check out their latest and greatest new items on their Facebook page.

Razzberry Fizz - I love that name... Razzberry Fizz is a fun gift shop that sells a variety of Clemson gifts, apparel, and accessories. They are located in downtown Clemson just behind the Hallmark (they have their own parking!). Check out the blog post we did for them back in August to see some of the great stuff they have - and I'm sure they've gotten some new items in their store since, so try to make it by there while in town this weekend. Not sure if they are still running this discount - but if you mention you found them on ClemsonGirl.com, they will give you 10% off of your purchase!

Kidsville Children's Boutique - Don't leave out the little Clemson Girls - make sure they are as cute as can be in the adorable outfits Kidsville Children's Boutique sells. Located in the upstate, Kidsville Children's Boutique is easy to stop by on your way into Clemson. You can see more from Kidsville Children's Boutique and see a map by reading our blog posts about the boutique from last month and from this month. Can't make it to the actual store? Don't worry -- Kidsville Children's Boutique has a great Web site featuring all of their cute outfits and hair bows!

Clemson Tiger Rags - And don't forget to get your very own, customized Clemson Tiger Rag from clemsontigerrags.com. Read the post we did a while back to see all of the different and fun uses for the Clemson Tiger Rag.


Wow! It's great to be a Clemson Girl! Our sponsors rock - take advantage of all of these great offers and contests this weekend! And please tell them thank you for catering to all of us Clemson Girls! :)

See everyone tomorrow.... Go Tigers!

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