October 18, 2009

10.17.09 - Clemson vs. Wake Forest - Game photos and gameday outfits

So I think I jinxed the weather yesterday by talking all week about how great the weather was going to be on Saturday and how finally it wouldn't rain... Well.. what do you know...it rains. :(

But, it was still a great gameday... the Tigers showed up to play and the final score was Clemson 38, Wake Forest 3. Go Tigers!

I took a ton of pictures during the game. The little Clemson Girls dressed up as cheerleaders and twirlers were so cute! And check out the new uniforms on the twirlers, dancers, and flagline - they look great! Especially the flagline who I've always thought were stuck in such unflattering outfits - and finally they are in outfits that look cute! Yay!

I also tried to get some shots of cute gameday outfits - although it was difficult spotting them underneath all of the winter coats, rain gear, and ponchos. And.... I found a Clemson Girl wearing a Clemson snuggie! Special thanks to all the ladies (and gentleman) who posed for my camera!

So check out the pictures below and visit our Flickr page to comment on your favorites! I love reading your photo comments.

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