August 31, 2009

Visit Razzberry Fizz this weekend in Clemson and get 10% off!

Have you heard about Clemson’s newest store, Razzberry Fizz? When I heard about this fun gift shop and saw these photos, it was love at first site. Located just off of College Avenue on Keith St., behind the Hallmark, this cute new store sells all kinds of unique gifts you won’t find anywhere else – including a bunch of fun Clemson items. The store’s motto is "gifts that motivate, celebrate and encourage".

Owner Kathryn Tompkins is a lifelong Clemson local who has owned an interior decorating business with her mother, Judy Hebert, for the past 11 years. She always had a dream of opening a store in downtown Clemson that catered to the students and the Clemson community. On August 1st of this year her dream came true with the grand opening of Razzberry Fizz (what a cute name!) which she co-owns with her mother. They wanted a feel good store - so as you can see in the pictures below, they decorated with lots of bright, fun colors. Razzberry Fizz even has a coffee bar so you can get your coffee and shop at the same time. What a neat idea! (Click the images to see a larger view)

Razzberry Fizz offers some great unique gifts, home accessories, and monogrammed items. Check out these leather driving mocs that can be personalized any way you like and are interchangeable – I haven’t seen these anywhere else. They look super comfortable for wearing around the house, for shopping, or even gamedays. These shoes also look super cute with these interchangeable cuffs for your jeans (I like the orange ones!).

You can also get some great kitchen accessories, like wire wrapped platters, wine glasses, etc. that have orange, purple and white stones on them. These would be great for your tailgate, or great tailgate gifts for the host of your tailgate. My best friends’ parents have been my tailgate hosts for the past five years, and I get them a gift every year as a ‘thank you for feeding me’ gift. I am definitely getting their gift from Razzberry Fizz this year. I think one of those colorful aprons would be perfect!

If you’re from South Carolina, especially the low country, then you’re familiar with Pluff Mudd. Check out these original Pluff Mudd t-shirts – they are dipped in the black Pluff Mudd along the banks of the low country creeks, and the mudd dyes the shirts a taupe color. The shirt design is available in navy, orange, or pink.

And of course Razzberry Fizz offers tons of Clemson gifts and specialty items – like platters, picture frames, ice buckets, etc. You can get a beautiful Clemson door print that is customized with your last name to hang above your door. All great gifts for Clemson fans, Clemson graduates, Clemson students, sorority gifts… pretty much any occasion. You can also turn any item in Razzberry Fizz into a Clemson gift – they will customize with Clemson embroidery or Clemson vinyl stickers.

Check out these cute, personalized belt buckles. You can get them monogrammed with your initials, Clemson paw, sorority letters, South Carolina’s palm tree and crescent moon, or anything you’d like personalized on the buckle. You can then choose from a variety of belt colors to match your buckle. How cute is this belt around a t-shirt? Or as a perfect way to give yourself a defined waist with any of your Clemson dresses or tunic tops for gameday.

I think Razzberry Fizz will be a great success in Clemson – with such cute stuff, how could it not be? And the store is just a hop away from downtown’s main road and has its own parking lot (rare!) – located at 104 Keith St. - so make sure you pop in and see Kathryn while you’re in town this weekend. If you have any questions about the store or items, visit their Web site or give them a call at 864-654-7722. You can also stay up to date on the latest and greatest new items by becoming a fan of their Facebook page.

Visit Razzberry Fizz and mention you heard about them on and get 10% off your purchase! Whoo hoo! Treat yourself this weekend… you deserve it!

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Andrea said...

Great post Christy - that shop looks awesome! Wish I lived closer so I could go shopping!

Jill said...

I visited Razzberry Fizz this week and I LOVED it! I have got to have the driving mocs!

The location of the shop and their parking lot are super, too. It was so nice not to have to "stalk" a pedestrian for their parking space! Parking spaces are so hard to come by downtown!

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