March 18, 2016

Clemson Wedding: Madison and Kyle

We typically save our Clemson wedding posts for May and June…

…but when one of our favorite Clemson photographers, Red Apple Tree, reached out to us and shared their photos from a beautiful Clemson wedding, we couldn’t wait to share it with you!

Meet Madison and Kyle.

Kyle is a Clemson alum – graduated in 2011 in PGA Golf Management and Business. Madison and Kyle met in 2010 at the golf course that they both worked at in Fernandina Beach, FL in 2012.

We asked Madison how Clemson has played a role in their relationship. Here is what she shared:
“I was previously a Florida Gator fan, but because of Kyle's ridiculous passion for Clemson, it was hard to not start rooting for them. I made my first visit to Clemson with him for a reunion football game with his friends and I really started to love Clemson following that. We watched all the games together and I knew how much Clemson meant to Kyle, so I started to fall in love with the school as well. We decided to get married there as it became a really special place for the both of us.”

The Proposal - As told by Madison herself...
In the winter of 2013, Kyle & I made the drive from Florida to New Hampshire for Christmas with his family. On the way up, we stopped in New York City, where I had never been before. We spent a couple of days and nights there, and the last thing we did was a carriage ride through Central Park. I had told Kyle that I had always wanted to do a carriage ride, so he scheduled one without me knowing, and it ended up being an amazing surprise. As we rode through Central Park at night, we ended up stopping in one location that had rose petals on the ground. I believe it was by the big lake/pond that is popular in Central Park. We got out of the carriage and just strolled for a little bit... this is then when he got down on one knee and proposed! It was amazing and so special.

What a sweet proposal. And we love that Kyle introduced Clemson to Madison, and now she is a 'Clemson Girl' and loves it as much as we all do. There's something in these hills...

The rehearsal dinner was held at the ESSO Club (love that!), and the wedding was at the Madren Center Pavilion.

Madison used purple and orange as a theme throughout the wedding, including Clemson bow ties for groomsmen, orange and purple crazy socks, orange & purple bouquets… just to name a few.

The couple also had the Tiger at the wedding, who of course led the guests in the Tiger Rag!

Lastly, they had Clemson cornhole boards specially made for the wedding that created a "tailgate" feel for the rehearsal dinner and wedding.

We are so in love with these wedding photos, and appreciate Red Apple Tree Photography for reaching out and sharing them with us so we could share them with you. They really take some of the most beautiful photos we've ever seen. Follow them on Facebook and check out their albums - you will agree!

Also, special thanks to Madison and Kyle for sharing their love story with us, and we wish them a long, happy, healthy marriage!

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