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January 2, 2013

Happy Hour - Clemson Celebration Peach Champagne Cocktail

Happy, happy New Year Clemson Girls! I am still so excited about our New Year's Eve win - and even though the New Year's Eve celebrations have come and gone, I still feel like celebrating, how about you?

Remember when the Chick-fil-a Bowl was the Peach Bowl? Did you know Clemson has been to the Chick-fil-a (Peach) Bowl more than any other team?

Try this delicious Peach Champagne cocktail that uses peach sorbet...yummy!

Clemson Celebration Peach Champagne Cocktail

1/4 cup sugar, to rim glasses
1 pint peach sorbet
1 1/2 shots Triple Sec
1/2 shot cognac, such as Courvoisier
Chilled champagne or sparkling wine, to fill blender, 2/3 bottle
Raspberries and 4 springs mint, optional garnish

Directions: Dip the glass rims in water and then the sugar. In a blender, combine all above ingredients and pulse till smooth. Pour and enjoy, garnishing with mint and/or raspberries if desired. Please drink responsibly...

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