November 29, 2012

Boy Meets Girl® new Clemson apparel (+ a giveaway)

One thing we pride ourselves on here at Clemson Girl is making sure we keep our readers in the loop on the latest and greatest in Clemson apparel and accessories. Today we are excited to introduce you to a high fashion, renowned NYC fashion company Boy Meets Girl®.

Boy Meets Girl® is an edgy yet wearable, stylish yet casually classic young contemporary brand. Boy Meets Girl®, is regularly featured in major publications such as InStyle, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, and US Weekly. In addition, Boy Meets Girl is celebrated on top-rated television shows including Gossip Girl, the Vampire Diaries, America's Next Top Model and various MTV programs. The company recently put on a NY Fashion Week show with a live performance by Wyclef Jean and two emerging artists, Cris Cab and Jarina De Marco.

Featured right off the runway of New York Fashion Week, Stacy Igel, Founder and Creative Director of Boy Meets Girl® brings you Boy Meets Girl® University for Clemson University. The University line combines the look and feel of Boy Meets Girl® clothing with Clemson’s signature colors. The Clemson line will let you show your Tiger spirit while wearing tees and tanks featuring the brand’s iconic boy and girl silhouette.

“Defining Your Style” is the theme of the Boy Meets Girl® University collection. You can dress it up or dress is down. You can wear the Boy Meets Girl® pieces and still maintain your personal style.

The Boy Meets Girl® Clemson University line would make a perfect Christmas gift - for you or for the other Clemson Girl's in your life. You can buy Boy Meets Girl® Clemson apparel at Tickled Orange (soon you'll be able to purchase online) in downtown Clemson. How adorable are these tops?!?

Boy Meets Girl® Prize Filled Holiday Basket Giveaway
Boy Meets Girl® has generously offered to giveaway a holiday basket FILLED with their original line and their new Clemson University line apparel in sizes of your choice. Check out the prize photos below - yes, ALL of this will be in the holiday basket you will win!

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Big Clemson Girl thanks to Boy Meets Girl® for sponsoring today's amazing giveaway! We are so excited about their new University line - especially since they picked Clemson as one of their first schools! We can't wait to watch it grow!

Go Tigers!!

November 28, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Sara & Josh Clemson Engagement Photos

Happy Wedding Wednesday Clemson Girls! We hope you've been enjoying our special Fall edition of Wedding Wednesdays so far... Today we have another great Clemson engagement session and love story to share with you!

Today's photos were taken by Clemson alum, and friend of the couple, Rebecca Mosely. You can check out more of her amazing photos on her website.

Sara and Josh are both Clemson alums - Josh graduated in 2011 with a degree in Biosystems Engineering. Sara also graduated in 2011, and graduated with a degree in Animal & Veterinary Science.

How they met, as told by Sara:
Well it all started in this little town called Clemson....

We met through his roommate who was also majoring in Animal and Veterinary Science with me at Clemson. And we were very much not into each other... and dating other people. We were mutual friends, and I would occasionally stop by and visit with his roommate and therefore I would see Josh, and sometimes we all had group gatherings to watch The Office. But all in all we were definitely just friends.

As the world would have it, a strange turn of events lead to both of us becoming single during the Christmas holidays. We returned to Clemson in January for the start of classes... and saw each other when we came back. I guess I was looking for a rebound, and this kid with really long blonde hair seemed like the perfect option. So we hung out after class in the afternoons a few days, and maybe spotted each other at Harcombe dining hall once or twice. It was after that, that he asked me to come over to watch the Superbowl with him. So naturally I agreed, and that evening I walked myself over to Geer 111 to "watch" the Superbowl. I am pretty sure we said that we were going to do homework...

Of course watching the Superbowl with someone you think is cute never goes according to plan. We may or may not have ended up kissing, and the rest was history.

My rebound with long shaggy blonde hair, became this kid that I texted and talked to almost every day. By Valentine’s Day he asked me out on our first real legitimate date.. FINALLY. We went to Rockhoppers for dinner... in typical last minute fashion, he asked me out, and everywhere was clearly booked on February 14th. He has never have been much of a planner... We ate there, and then headed to Littlejohn for a men’s Clemson basketball game. This pretty much set the tone for the rest of our relationship, and Clemson sporting events have been a major part of our relationship ever since.

The told by Sara:
I was in town visiting Josh on a long weekend, because I currently live in Kansas and attend Kansas State University for my Master's degree, and he told me he took the day off on Friday. Josh lives in Greenville, SC now and works as an engineer for GE Energy. I was super excited because 1) I got to spend a whole day with him, instead of doing school work, while anxiously waiting around for him to get off work, and 2) that meant that we got to do something AWESOME together. Little did I know, it was going to be this AWESOME.

We headed from Greenville to Clemson in a hurry, he was going on about schedules, time crunches, and meeting people, which is NOT like Josh at all. So that was an interesting start...

We arrived in Clemson, supposedly meeting people for lunch, but of course that was all a set up. But at the time I was told that our friends were running late, and we would have some time to kill before having lunch with them. So Josh said that we should sneak into Littlejohn Coliseum. I was fully prepared to do so, and embracing our wild side, we went in.

As we walked into Littlejohn, I felt like a champ for getting in (through an unlocked door.. but we will overook that detail) and walking out onto center court. Josh was very non-chalant at this point. But I was a little nervous and ready to get our photo taken (and of course post it to Facebook for the world to know we were rebels), and then get the heck out. Heaven forbid we be banned from Clemson sporting events for the rest of our lives.

But as we walked to center court, I remarked that there was a Christmas tree out there and how unusual it was. Josh just laughed. At center court, there were also hiking shoes, along with our cute, white, little Christmas tree. I was confused, and made several more silly remarks about how nice those hiking shoes were (commented on stealing them..). Then the realization hit me that all of those things were in fact Josh's... Now he was less calm at this point and realization was setting in.

Josh proceeded to shakily put his hands in his pockets, and fumble around, and he pulls out... wait for it... a wad of receipts! He asked me what they were, and I of course in a nervous voice, replied "receipts." He then went on so sweetly, but bumbling about how he saved our receipts from the first summer we spent apart after our Freshmen year in Clemson. They he talked about how we now spend money on plane tickets to see each other, and that we are supposed to invest our time and money into things we love. After this very sweet but almost incoherent proposal, he finally got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I of course said, YES! Poor thing was so nervous, he didn't even know what finger to put it on, but no worries I gladly did it for him. :)

Also- for those curious readers, the Christmas tree and the hiking shoes, were all ways I had told Josh I didn't want to be proposed to... aka not at Christmas time/holidays, and no hiking adventures, or no jumbotrons...So he incorporated 2 of the 3, but luckily he couldn't get them to turn on the massive jumbotron for the day :)

Overall, it was the most hilarious, best fitting, and goofy proposal ever. And I wouldn't change a thing.

Clemson holds a very special place in the couple's hearts. It is where they met, started dating, graduated from, and where they got engaged. Sara feels like Clemson is the MOST crucial piece of who they are, since without it, they would have never even met! Aside from the summers when the couple were apart (Sara is from Richmond, Virginia and Josh is from Murrell's Inlet), almost all of the couple's time together, every date they have had, and all of their adventures have centered around Clemson and the upstate area. This is why Clemson was a no brainer for their engagement photos location, and Death Valley photos were a must since Josh is a die hard Clemson football fan and season ticket holder. They also took photos at Clemson's Dairy Farm since Sara was an Animal Science major.

The wedding will be in June of next year. Clemson will be incorporated in the wedding in many subtle ways. Sara's wedding shoes will be Clemson orange, and Josh's socks will be Clemson purple and orange striped. The groom's cake will also have a Clemson theme to it. The couple's tiger rag that has been with them for several major road trips and excursions will definitely be at the wedding. And Tiger Rag will, of course, be played at their reception.

Best wishes to a fun and super cute couple! Thank you Sara and Josh for sharing your Clemson love story and engagement photos with us today. Love them!

November 27, 2012

Clemson Gameday Photos - Clemson vs. USC

DSC_0003 Mix a night game in Death Valley and a huge in-state rivalry game, and you've got a heck of a game. Every year this rivalry game is a nail biter to the end. Our Tigers fought hard, but in the end, they just couldn't get the plays made to beat their arch nemesis the Gamecocks.

Final score: Clemson 17, USC 27.

Heartbreaking. But the Tigers still had a great season, finishing strong and no doubt heading to a big bowl game against a more challenging competitor.

One of the best things about a night game is that it gives you ALL day to tailgate. And even though Clemson fans and Gamecock fans are on opposite sides of the field during the game, you definitely saw many tailgates-divided during the day - meaning that even though we can't agree on the same team, we can still share a cold beverage at the tailgate and play cornhole together. :)

Special thanks to Summer Priddy and Melissa Nelson for taking gameday photos for Clemson Girl this past weekend. Also, big thanks to our readers who submitted their own gameday photos to be shared.

Can you believe this football season is just about over? Time flies! You can view Saturday's gameday photos in the slideshow below, or you can see the entire album on our Flickr site.

November 26, 2012

Cheer up with a Clemson calendar giveaway!

Good morning ladies...

Saturday night was heartbreaking, and despite the loss, the consensus among us is that while upset about the loss, we still are and will always be loyal Clemson Girls who love our Tigers. And with a winning season behind us and a big bowl game to look forward to, we can't complain too much.

Today we have a giveaway to help erase some of those Clemson Girl blues. One of our most fave photographers ever is upstate Lime Green Room Photography. Every year they create amazing 12-month Clemson calendars with gorgeous and unique Clemson photography. Please note...the watermark "Lime Green Room" will not display on the actual photos in the calendar.

Lime Green Room Photography has started selling their 2013 Clemson calendars, and these make great Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers. These calendars would also make great "Thank you for feeding me at your tailgate all season" gifts. :)

These calendars are only $20, and you can have them shipped directly to you for only $5 or you can arrange to pick them up if you live in the upstate. To order, simply visit Lime Green Room Photography's Facebook page and message them with the number of calendars you want to order and your email address -- it's that easy!

Clemson Calendar Giveaway
Lime Green Room Photography has generously offered to give one very lucky Clemson Girl reader one of their Clemson calendars for free!

Use the widget below to enter...

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Deadline for all entries is midnight tonight. We will draw a winner at random tomorrow and contact the winner by email. The winner will have 48 hours to reply to our email or we will draw a new winner.

Big thanks to Lime Green Room Photography for sponsoring a giveaway today to help cheer us all up after this weekend.

Go Tigers!!

November 23, 2012

Game Prediction - Clemson vs. University of South Carolina

The turkey has been eaten, family has visited, and now it’s time for the state of South Carolina to pit sister against sister and friend against friend as the Tigers face off against the Gamecocks.

If you are a Palmetto State native and you aren’t excited about a top-15 matchup between Clemson and South Carolina under the Death Valley lights, then you might as well go live in a cave.

The rivalry between Clemson fans and South Carolina has grown exponentially over the last year, with quips and rants from each school’s head coach and it all comes down to Saturday night. Which team will back up their coach’s words in the on-going war?

This week we will do our game prediction a little differently... Our house-divided sister site Gamecock Girl's sports bloggess Lauren Hall will be stating her case for South Carolina and our sports bloggess Nikki Steele will be predicting for the Tigers.


LAUREN- SOUTH CAROLINA’S DEFENSE IS THE BEST THE TIGERS WILL FACE: Jadeveon Clowney said he would be 100% ready by Saturday's kickoff so the Carolina defense should be at full speed. Unlike the ACC defenses that Clemson has played all year, USC is big and fast on the defensive line. This should force Tajh Boyd to stay in the pocket and make quick decisions, which he has struggled with at times throughout his career. While Clemson does have deep threats, the Gamecocks have done a good job at preventing the deep balls this year. Clemson will score but it won't be nearly as often as they are used to against two of the best defensive ends in the country.

NIKKI- THE CLEMSON OFFENSE IS THE MOST EXPLOSIVE OFFENSE THE GAMECOCKS HAVE SEEN: The Gamecocks play in the mighty SEC ,which without a doubt is the best defensive conference in the land, but after watching a lot of college football, I have to question its offensive power. South Carolina’s defense has faced only two offenses that rank in the top-30 nationally in total offense- Tennessee at No. 23 and Georgia at No. 25. Both of those schools are a far cry from what the Gamecocks will see Saturday night in Clemson’s sixth-ranked offense, a group that has been hitting on all cylinders for the last few weeks. The Tigers are averaging 204 yards on the ground and 244 yards through the air, while putting up over 44 points per game. Quarterback Tajh Boyd accounted for eight touchdowns and over 500 yards of total offense a week ago and even the best defenses have had no luck in slowing him down. In the backfield, Boyd complements running back Andre Ellington who has rushed for 959 yards and eight touchdowns. And let’s face it; at wide receiver and tight end, Boyd has a bunch of Frisbee catching dogs in Nuk Hopkins, Sammy Watkins, Jaron Brown and Brandon Ford. All Boyd has to do is get the ball to his playmakers and they will make the Gamecocks pay. The wide receivers will have some one-on-one coverage down the sideline and if they can get behind the cornerbacks, it will be as simple as throw-and-catch. If Clemson’s offensive line can give Boyd enough time to find his playmakers, it will be a long night in the Valley for the Gamecocks.

IMG_0155NIKKI- THE CLEMSON DEFENSE IS MUCH IMPROVED AGAINST THE RUN: Every Clemson fans’ worst nightmares begin with Connor Shaw running rampant last season in Williams Brice on his way to trouncing the Tigers for a third straight season. But, that was last season and with a new defensive coordinator in Brent Venables, the Tigers seemed to have fixed their problem with running quarterbacks. The Clemson defense started off a little shaky, but has steadily improved from week-to-week and after inserting middle linebacker Spencer Shuey in the lineup have seemingly shut down opponents’ running game, giving up 163 yards rushing per game. If the Tigers can limit the running game, then the defensive backs can focus on limiting the big play, which they have been prone to this season. The secondary is banged up and will need the front seven to get pressure on Shaw in order to give them a chance at slowing down South Carolina’s speedy receivers.

LAUREN- SHAW OR THOMPSON…THAT IS THE QUESTION? After losing Marcus Lattimore to a season-ending injury, the Gamecock offense has been extremely inconsistent. That, coupled with Connor Shaw's continued injured shoulder saga, make this weekends matchup much more difficult. Kenny Miles has done a great job as the new starting tailback in his senior season, backed up by Mike Davis who is proving to be a strong asset to the offense. But the quarterback situation is still a big question. It appears that Shaw may be healthy enough to play, but Dylan Thompson has spent the week taking all the snaps with the first team offense at practice. Again Spurrier has a decision to make, but if Shaw does start I believe he will be on a very short leash due to his turnover struggles of late. Hopefully, whoever is playing quarterback can find a way to get the ball to Justice Cunningham and Ace Sanders. These two have the ability to extend drives and make the big plays, which is what USC needs.

NIKKI- CATMAN…ENOUGH SAID: Clemson has one weapon that South Carolina doesn’t, and that’s Chandler Catanzaro, who has hit 15-of-16 field goals this season and is ready at a moments notice to hit the game-winning field goal. Against N.C. State a week ago, the Tigers gave up big plays in the return game. After doing the same against Florida State earlier in the season, the Tigers special teams fixed the problems only allowing less than 19 yards per return until the Wolfpack came to Death Valley. The players and coaches will have the issues fixed. And let’s not forget that if Ace Sander thinks he’s going to get free, he better watch out for kickoff specialist Spencer Benton who will be looking to make a big hit on senior night.

LAUREN- SPECIAL TEAMS MUST BE SPECIAL: This year's special teams have been a source of extreme highs and lows. There have been sparks of brilliance and many moments that we would all rather forget. The key to special teams is not turning over the ball, if Carolina can do this they should be able to provide the offense with good field position, which will be vital in this game.

LAUREN- WHY THE GAMECOCKS WILL WIN: The Gamecocks defense will overpower the Clemson offense that had torched the ACC this year. Carolina's defense will create good field position for the struggling offense. By forcing Clemson to rely on their run game, they will lose the ability to score quickly and often which has been their hallmark this year. As much as it breaks my heart…

NIKKI- WHY THE TIGERS WILL WIN: The Gamecocks have owned the Tigers over the last three seasons, but with an offense that is seemingly unstoppable, Clemson is ready to turn the corner and send its seniors out with a bang. The South Carolina defense is very talented and very good there’s no doubt, but offensive coordinator Chad Morris doesn’t take it lightly when an opponent shows him up and that’s just what South Carolina did in 2011. The Clemson offense will use the Gamecocks’ aggressiveness against them to hit the big play or move the chains using Boyd’s mobility. The Clemson defense has been susceptible to the big play and that probably won’t stop Saturday night, but at home and under the lights Venables’ boys will make the plays they need to in order to seal the victory.

Post written by Clemson Girl's Sports Bloggess, Nikki Steele and Gamecock Girl's Sports Bloggess, Lauren Hall

November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving + a Sweet Giveaway

We are thankful for so many things here at Clemson Girl that a blog post could not even begin to cover it. We are so thankful for our amazing sponsors who help keep this little blog chugging along, and so very, very thankful for all of our real-life Clemson Girl readers!

We hope you are enjoying a day of leisure with your families and friends, and of course, lots of delicious food.

When Couture Cakes of Greenville recently contacted us about a giveaway, we couldn't think of a better day to do it than today on Thanksgiving - to show you just how SWEET we think you, our readers, are.

Couture Cakes of Greenville is located right off of Woodruff Road, where 385 and 85 meet (click to see a map). If you are looking for that “different” cake, Couture Cakes is THE place to go. Voted Best of The Knot 2012, Couture Cakes can create mad hatter style cakes, custom 3-D or 2-D cakes, and cupcakes just to name a few. They offer many choices of cake flavors, fillings and icings. Couture Cakes' delicious cakes and cupcakes are made with family recipes that melt in your mouth.

You can still order cakes or cupcakes for your tailgate Saturday! Wow your tailgate when you show up with an array of Clemson cupcakes - order by phone (864-288-6610) or by email ( They are closed Thanksgiving (you can still email orders), but are open Friday 9am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 1pm.

When owner Susan contacted us about possibly doing a Clemson cupcakes giveaway for our readers....we replied instantly... "Susan, you had us at cupcakes!"

Yup, you read that right...Couture Cakes of Greenville is giving one very lucky Clemson Girl one dozen, assorted flavor cupcakes with Clemson themed designs (see photo above)! All the winner has to do is swing by Couture Cakes of Greenville to pick up the cupcakes prize on Friday after 2pm or Saturday between 9am and 1pm. These will be perfect for your Clemson vs. USC tailgate or game viewing party!

Use the widget below to enter...

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Deadline for all entries is tonight, Thursday, Nov. 22 at Midnight EST. We will contact the winner by email or by Facebook message early Friday morning. We will also announce the winner via Facebook and Twitter if possible. The winner will have until 3pm EST on Friday Nov. 23 to contact us or we will draw a new winner. The winner will have to pick up their prize from Couture Cakes of Greenville's location and must pick the prize up by 1pm EST Saturday, Nov. 24 or the prize will be forfeited.

This is a SWEET and fabulous prize ladies! My mouth is watering just thinking of these delicious cupcakes. Big thanks to Couture Cakes of Greenville for sponsoring today's giveaway!

And thanks for being fabulous Clemson Girl fans and have a wonderful Thanksgiving and GO TIGERS!

Wedding Wednesday - Lizanne and Andrew's Clemson engagement photos

Happy Wednesday Clemson Girls! Let's take a break from all of the rivalry talk and enjoy some beautiful photos - it's time for another Wedding Wednesday!

Today's photos were taken by Matthew and Vernice Hammett with Hammett Photography. You can check out more of their beautiful photos on their Facebook page too.

Meet Lizanne and Andrew - both started at Clemson in Fall of 2006. Lizanne graduated in 2010 with a degree in Special Education. Andrew graduated in 2011 with a degree in Construction Science Management.

The couple met through mutual friends through their involvement in Clemson FCA. The first time they hung out officially as a couple was at Lizanne's senior sorority Spring formal. The rest is history...

The Proposal
As told by Lizanne...
"Last April, I was in Georgia at law school and Andrew was in Mississippi in pilot training with the Air Force. It was my spring break, and he asked me to meet him in Clemson on a Friday morning. He said that he just wanted to hang out together and give me my birthday present a little early since we wouldn't be able to see one another the following weekend. We met up at the botanical gardens and he gave me my "birthday present" - an empty mason jar. He explained that he knew I wasn't big on fancy presents, and that he had remembered me telling him about this mason jar idea I saw online. The idea was to fill a mason jar with memories on slips of paper throughout the year and then read them all together. I was so excited! I was so surprised he remembered another one of my silly ideas! He then lead me on a "tour" all around our spots in Clemson, where we filled the jar with things like "Going to football games and tailgating with our friends," "Spending time together downtown", and "Listening to the Zac Brown Band concert from our blanket on top of the dike". Finally, we arrived at the docks below the rowing center, our favorite place in town. We continued chatting and reminiscing on our fun times, talking about how much we missed living in Tiger Town. I was loving being there, celebrating "my birthday" and just getting to spend much-treasured time with my favorite person. Finally, Andrew said, "Last slip of paper, I have one more memory to add to the jar" He jotted down something, folded it, and went to place inside the lid when I interrupted him, "Um, excuse me, we have to read what it says, remember?" He laughingly played "keep away" until I was finally able to grab the slip and read, "April 6 2012, we got engaged at our favorite place Clemson- the place where we had our first relationship talk." Shocked, I looked up at him, on one knee, holding a GORGEOUS diamond, "Will you marry me?" I squealed yes, and we celebrated back at my house with family and friends! :) "

SWOON! One of the best proposal stories I've heard!

Clemson will always hold a special place in the couple's hearts for many reasons, but one reason is that it's fostered so many awesome steps in their relationship. It's where they met and went on their first dates, and where they always met up while dating long distance. Then, of course, it's where they got engaged!

The couple's wedding will be in March of next year. Almost all of Lizanne and Andrew's attendants are Clemson grads who played such wonderful roles in their relationship and are some of their biggest supporters. For the couple, this is the best "Clemson touch" included in their wedding, since they both feel that one of the greatest aspects of Clemson really is the people and the family it creates. Also, Lizanne is sure they will have plenty of orange and some Tiger Rag, but she doesn't want to give away all of the surprises. :)

Thanks so much to Lizanne and Andrew for sharing their beautiful Clemson engagement photos and their sweet love story. You can continue to follow Lizanne's story (and probably see her wedding photos in the future!) on her own blog -->

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