November 21, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Lizanne and Andrew's Clemson engagement photos

Happy Wednesday Clemson Girls! Let's take a break from all of the rivalry talk and enjoy some beautiful photos - it's time for another Wedding Wednesday!

Today's photos were taken by Matthew and Vernice Hammett with Hammett Photography. You can check out more of their beautiful photos on their Facebook page too.

Meet Lizanne and Andrew - both started at Clemson in Fall of 2006. Lizanne graduated in 2010 with a degree in Special Education. Andrew graduated in 2011 with a degree in Construction Science Management.

The couple met through mutual friends through their involvement in Clemson FCA. The first time they hung out officially as a couple was at Lizanne's senior sorority Spring formal. The rest is history...

The Proposal
As told by Lizanne...
"Last April, I was in Georgia at law school and Andrew was in Mississippi in pilot training with the Air Force. It was my spring break, and he asked me to meet him in Clemson on a Friday morning. He said that he just wanted to hang out together and give me my birthday present a little early since we wouldn't be able to see one another the following weekend. We met up at the botanical gardens and he gave me my "birthday present" - an empty mason jar. He explained that he knew I wasn't big on fancy presents, and that he had remembered me telling him about this mason jar idea I saw online. The idea was to fill a mason jar with memories on slips of paper throughout the year and then read them all together. I was so excited! I was so surprised he remembered another one of my silly ideas! He then lead me on a "tour" all around our spots in Clemson, where we filled the jar with things like "Going to football games and tailgating with our friends," "Spending time together downtown", and "Listening to the Zac Brown Band concert from our blanket on top of the dike". Finally, we arrived at the docks below the rowing center, our favorite place in town. We continued chatting and reminiscing on our fun times, talking about how much we missed living in Tiger Town. I was loving being there, celebrating "my birthday" and just getting to spend much-treasured time with my favorite person. Finally, Andrew said, "Last slip of paper, I have one more memory to add to the jar" He jotted down something, folded it, and went to place inside the lid when I interrupted him, "Um, excuse me, we have to read what it says, remember?" He laughingly played "keep away" until I was finally able to grab the slip and read, "April 6 2012, we got engaged at our favorite place Clemson- the place where we had our first relationship talk." Shocked, I looked up at him, on one knee, holding a GORGEOUS diamond, "Will you marry me?" I squealed yes, and we celebrated back at my house with family and friends! :) "

SWOON! One of the best proposal stories I've heard!

Clemson will always hold a special place in the couple's hearts for many reasons, but one reason is that it's fostered so many awesome steps in their relationship. It's where they met and went on their first dates, and where they always met up while dating long distance. Then, of course, it's where they got engaged!

The couple's wedding will be in March of next year. Almost all of Lizanne and Andrew's attendants are Clemson grads who played such wonderful roles in their relationship and are some of their biggest supporters. For the couple, this is the best "Clemson touch" included in their wedding, since they both feel that one of the greatest aspects of Clemson really is the people and the family it creates. Also, Lizanne is sure they will have plenty of orange and some Tiger Rag, but she doesn't want to give away all of the surprises. :)

Thanks so much to Lizanne and Andrew for sharing their beautiful Clemson engagement photos and their sweet love story. You can continue to follow Lizanne's story (and probably see her wedding photos in the future!) on her own blog -->

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Emily @ LaForce Be With You said...

Love reading about Clemson engagements.. can't argue that it's a wonderful place to get engaged :) And Lizanne was in my sorority! Congrats to them!

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