August 30, 2012

Clemson Jack Rogers Navajos giveaway - Entry Day 4

And the countdown to football season continues ladies....

...2 more days!

Ahhh! So excited so see our Tigers, the real Tigers, in action this Saturday.

We're also counting down this week with a very special giveaway from Jack Rogers USA. One super lucky Clemson Girl will be winning a pair of the orange and purple Clemson Jack Rogers Navajo sandals!

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This week you've already been given 9 opportunities for entries (you can still enter if you haven't already by visiting each day's post)...

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Today you have an additional three oppotutnities to get more entries in the giveaway!

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Deadline for all entries will be 12:01AM this Friday, August 31st. We will post the winner's name to the blog later in the day Friday. The winner will have 72 hours to contact us after we announce their name to claim the prize or we will draw a new winner.

Special thanks to Jack Rogers USA for sponsoring this fabulous giveaway. Go Tigers! So, so excited football season is here!


PennyWiseMrs said...

Caitlin S Taylors, SC
My favorite Clemson tradition is running down the hill!

Ann said...

Ann G
Spartanburg, SC
singing we will rock you

Jennifer T said...

Jennifer T
Clover, SC
The hill!

Amber said...

Amber M
Lancaster, SC
My favorite Clemson Tradition is touching the rock when running down the hill!

Katie Ellen said...

My favorite tradition is spending game days with friends and family, tailgating, and being good sports, whether we win or lose!

Anonymous said...

Kim W
Favorite Clemson Tradition: running down the hill, of course!

pargirl1434 said...

Brandi G
Fair Play, SC


i cook. i clean. i watch football. said...

Kailah C. New York, NY
My favorite Clemson tradition is the whole game day experience! All the orange, the happiness, the excited fans, the togetherness, the tailgating, running down the hill, touching the rock, all of it together is the best thing ever!

Shakeeta W said...

Shakeeta W.
Anderson, SC

My favorite Clemson tradition is tailgating and "the most exciting 25 seconds in college football"- running down the hill!

Ashley said...

Ashley T. -- Running down the hill is my favorite part!

Alison said...

Alison M. My favorite Clemson tradition is how the whole town shuts down for football games and is filled with girls in pretty dresses and boys in collared shirts :)

Anonymous said...

Chelsea F
Clemson, SC

My favorite tradition is tailgating then going to the football games!

Anonymous said...

Kara G! $2 bills at away games!

JeniV said...

154Jeni V
Little River, SC
C-L-E-M-S-O-N cheer

Jill said...

Running around campus game day morning and watching tailgates set up.

And boiled peanuts + sweet tea and vodka at the Esso!

Anonymous said...

Jennifer W. Williamston SC
All the pumped up fans wearing their orange. Gotta love when the cannon goes off and the players run down the hill!

Anna said...

Anna S.
Anderson, SC
The hill!

Kristen479 said...

Kristen W. Rock Hill, SC
and most definitely The Hill!

~*~ Elizabeth ~*~ said...

Elizabeth J
Greenville, SC

Favorite Clemson tradition is rubbing Howard Rock/running down the hill... the most exciting 25 seconds in college football! :)

Anonymous said...

Beryl W.

My favorite tradition is singing our Alma Mater on the paw, win or lose!

Cindy said...

Cindy S.
My favorite tradition has to be running down the hill...and singing the Alma Mater!!

AndreaJ said...

Andrea J
My favorite tradition is getting together with your "family" every home Saturday to cheer on our beloved team and experiencing the best 25 seconds in football!!

Cindy V said...

Running down the hill!

Cindy V. - Simpsonville

Kaycee Albertson said...

Kaycee A. My favorite Clemson tradition is tailgating with my family.

Anonymous said...

Chandler Martin SC
My favorite tradition is Solid Orange Fridays because I love to see campus in full support of our team! Plus, the energy on campus is ELECTRIC!!!

Anonymous said...

Lacie V.
Running down the hill is my favorite clemson tradition!!

Karen Tripp said...

Karen T.

Wearing Orange & Purple to the games.

lonelily said...

Erin O.
Decatur, AL

My favorite would be the sound of the cannon, running down the hill and all of those pretty little orange balloons filling the SC sky. Also known as the most exciting 25 seconds in college football!

Heather said...

Heather S. Aiken, SC
The Hill!

Natalie said...

Natalie V.
Mount Pleasant, SC
I love First Friday and Tigerama!

Letitia Wages said...

Letitia W.
My favorite memories are running the hill, first Friday and the Esso!!!

Anonymous said...

Sara B. Clemson, SC
My favorite tradition is singing the Alma Mater at the end of each game :)

Stephanie H said...

Stephanie H
Clemson, SC
Our beautiful rings!

Beth Cutshall said...

First Friday Parade Beth C.

Anonymous said...

Emma W
Pendeleton SC
The hill!

Anonymous said...

Reilly M
WIlmington, DE
My favorite Clemson tradition is tailgating with friends and family!

Hannah W said...

Hannah W. Inman, SC
My favorite tradition is of course "the most exciting 25 seconds in all of college football" The Hill!!

Anonymous said...

Monica F., Gilbert, SC
My favorite tradition is Clemson itself and what the University stands for. It's the best place!!!

TinaB said...

Tina B.
My favorite tradition is when the players run down the hill!!

Anonymous said...

Sarah H.


Mary Kathryn T. said...

Running down the Hill!

Mary Kathryn T.
Hanahan, SC.

Anonymous said...

Catherine C.
Anderson SC

Running down the hill & everyone having that special spot for Clemson in their hearts!

Anonymous said...

Keilah N.
Greer, SC
The most exciting 25 seconds in college football!

Brenda R. said...

Running down the hill! Brenda R. Summerville, SC

Anonymous said...

First Friday and Homecoming!
Carrie T
Manning, SC

April @ PolkaDots n' PinkySwears said...

April V, from Seneca, SC
I love the Clemson Carolina game!!!

Rachel Booth said...

Rachel Booth
Lexington, SC

Running down into Death Valley!!! :) GO TIGERS!

hyperchica321 said...

Catherine P.
Running down the hill!

Sara N said...

Sara N.
I love seeing everyone decked in Orange for Solid Orange Fridays.

Emily Price said...

Emily P
Greer, SC
My favorite tradition is as tigers we all come together as family to celebrate!!

Stacey Essel said...

Stacey E Clemson, SC
I love love love everything about gameday! The atmosphere around campus is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Melissa N
My favorite is the hill but love the jet flyover on military appreciation day!

Anonymous said...

Dana S. Kershaw, SC

The most famous and exciting 25 seconds in college football-running down the hill!

skcolem said...

Sara C.
Singing the Alma Mater at the beginning and end of very game at every sporting event. "Where the Blue Ridge yawns its greatness."

Amanda said...

Amanda P.
Lexington, SC

The hill!

Brittany Decker said...

Brittany D.
Lexington, SC
My favorite Clemson tradtion is the players running down the hill while tiger rag is playing.
My personal tradition is playing "eye of the tiger" as soon as I wake up on game days.

Unknown said...

Kadie L.
Greenville, SC

Favorite part is the songs/cheers!!

Amanda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amanda said...

Amanda T.
Raleigh, NC

Football players running down the hill and fans rushing the field afterwards!

Not many universities allow spectators on the playing field after the game. I am glad Clemson does! I believe it helps the football players' morale during the season.

Anonymous said...

Catherine E., Tacoma WA

My favorite Clemson tradition has to be rubbing Howard's Rock and running down The Hill before football games!

Anonymous said...

Hannah E.

My favorite tradition would be the Clemson class rings. I grew up watching my daddy wear his, and then was a proud recipient of my own. Then at graduation dad (as an alumni) turned mine. Such a special moment!

sjwagne said...

My favorite Clemson tradition is running down the hill! The most exciting 25 seconds in college football!

Sarah W.

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