January 5, 2012

When we had no words to say, this Clemson Girl said it best...

Last night.

We were all angry, shocked, disappointed, sad, frustrated, embarrassed, humbled...

etc., etc., etc.

It's true we're always Clemson Girls and we will cheer on the Tigers through thick and thin. I'll admit though, I was just so speechless after last night's game I really couldn't think of anything to say... nothing...nothing to post here to make you feel any better about last night. And I sat quietly and watched all of my gamecock friends post ugly comments about Clemson..and still I had nothing to say...I just wanted to leave well enough alone.

It wasn't until 9pm tonight that a friend of mine shared a link to a blog post from a fellow Clemson Girl and I found what we all need to hear..what every Clemson Girl needs to be reminded of...

So... I hope she doesn't mind that I'm sharing this link with you...take a look and read for yourself. It reminds you of why you are a Clemson Girl....and why last night's loss, and anything ugly WVU fans may say or USC fans may say...doesn't really matter.

Thanks to Jess for saying what most of us were thinking but couldn't quite put into words. If you have a moment, post a comment on HER blog and let her know you appreciate her reminding us why we are all Clemson Girls.

Go Tigers!



1 comment :

ashley22hall said...

I am planning on transfering to Clemson this year and already I feel exactly what Jess has shared! I am still proud to be a Tiger fan and I
am proud of what they have accomplished this season. More than that I am proud of what Clemson stands! Thanks Jess for this! :)

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