September 21, 2011

Clemson vs. Auburn Tailgate of the Week - Kim H. of Matthews, NC

Last week we held a giveaway contest to find the Tailgate of the Week for the Clemson vs. Auburn home football game. Lucky winner Kim. H of Matthews, NC won a free professional photo shoot from Lime Green Room photography of her and her family's tailgate this past Saturday. Kim is also receiving a CD with all of the unwatermarked images with printing rights for free.

Photography by LIME GREEN ROOM Photography

Rachael of Lime Green Room Photography and I really enjoyed hanging out with Kim and her family at their tailgate during the shoot. They were all very nice people and you could see the tradition of Clemson spirit being passed down the generations of the family.

Clemson tradition runs deep in this family. Kim graduated from Clemson in 1988 with a BS in Management, her husband Jon graduated in 1989, and her brother Brian graduated just a few years earlier in 1985. Kim's brother and husband were both members of Beta Theta Pi fraternity and she was a Kappa Kappa Gamma as well as a little sister to their fraternity.

Photography by LIME GREEN ROOM Photography
Kim and her husband Jon.
While Kim and her brother were at Clemson, her parents had season tickets and tailgated for every game. As students, Kim and her brother brought friends to their tailgate each game. Even after graduation, the family continued to come to Clemson games and tailgate each year.

Photography by LIME GREEN ROOM Photography
Kim's brother Brian's ring and Kim's ring.
So it's no surprise that Kim's children and her brother's children have grown up loving Clemson football as well. Kim's daughter was 4 weeks old at her first Clemson game. One of Kim's favorite pictures is of her daughter when she was one year old sitting at a tailgate in her Clemson Cheerleader outfit.

Kim's brother, sister-in-law (also Kim), niece (Andrea), nephew (Aaron) along with Kim's husband, daughter (Aly) and son (Jacob) make numerous trips to Clemson each year and turn it into a mini-family vacation by staying the entire weekend.

Photography by LIME GREEN ROOM Photography
From L to R: Aaron, Kim H., Kim, Brian, Andrea, Aly, Jon, Jacob.
Now that her nephew Aaron is a sophomore and her daughter Aly is a freshman at Clemson, Kim and her husband and her brother and his wife are continuing the same tailgate traditions as her parents. Now Aaron and Aly are bringing their friends, roommates, boyfriends and girlfriends by the tailgate to enjoy the pre and post game festivities.

Photography by LIME GREEN ROOM Photography

Kim also keeps in touch with her and her husband's past college friends, and the friends always make sure to come by the tailgate when in town for a game. Kim and her sister-in-law coordinate the tailgate food for each game and always try to make sure they have plenty extra for all who come.

You can view the entire photo shoot on our Flickr site or view the slideshow below:

Thank you Kim for sharing your tailgate and your family with us.

And a special thanks to photographer Rachael of Lime Green Room Photography for doing the shoot -- if you haven't checked her out on Facebook, you're missing out!


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