January 7, 2011

New Year's Resolutions Week - #5

Get more involved in my community and help good causes...

Read this great article from MyLifetime.com on ten super easy ways you can volunteer your time and give back to your community.

You can also support a great cause that's very important to Dabo Swinney and his wife Kathleen... plan on attending this year's Dabo's All In Foundation Ladies Clinic. The cost is only $60 and $15 of that goes straight to cancer research. And on top of that, Dabo and Kathleen match every $15!

The $60 gets you a spot at the day-long Ladies Clinic held in and around the stadium plus a free lunch. We had a blast last year, and I highly recommend you go! This year's clinic will be held Saturday, July 23rd.


Who wouldn't want to be serenaded by cute football players? :)

Another worthy cause you should consider is donating your money (or time) to Clemson's Tiger Band. Their scholarships are limited, and the ones they can give are funded by alumni and other generous patrons. Tiger Band members donate A LOT of their time to participating in the band while juggling classes, etc. Could you imagine a football game without Tiger Band??

You can donate directly to Tiger Band through an organization called CUTBA, or you can shop for some neat Tiger Band 'stuff' that helps support their cause.

I highly recommend purchasing the Tiger Band music CD - it's a great gift idea and it's always fun to have Tiger Rag handy to play whenever you need it... like when your gamecock friends are near. :)

What are some ways you give back to your community? Are you volunteering your time for a good cause? Post a comment and share your story.


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