September 14, 2010

Step inside the Lime Green Room

Good morning ladies! I hope your week is treating you well and you're gearing up to watch the Auburn game on Saturday...whether on the comfort of your couch or in person.

Did you get a chance to see the photos from the Clemson vs. PC game this past weekend? Wow is all I can say. If you haven't seen them - what are you waiting for? Go check them out!

Clemson vs. PC

So when flipping through the photos you were probably thinking to yourself, "Hmm...these are pretty amazing - definitely better than what I'm used to seeing on Clemson Girl." Well, your intuition is right - we were very fortunate to have professional photographer Rachael Bergstein take photos for us on Saturday.

P.S. If you were captured in one of her photos (or your kids), you can purchase any of them off of her Web site - she has all of the photos from Saturday available on her site.

Rachael has always had a love for photography - her first camera was a Polaroid camera given to her in kindergarten. Her kindergarten teacher saw how much she loved cameras and told her she might be a model one day. However, Rachael's passion was to be behind the camera...

Recently, Rachael started a 365 project - if you're unfamiliar with the photography term, it's where you take a single photo every day. She loves it, even though picking a photo each day can get tricky. You can view her 365 project for 2010 on Facebook: Part 1 | Part 2

My favorite photo from her 365 project - love, love, love this!

Out of this project, her photography business Lime Green Room was born.

Why did she name it "Lime Green Room" you ask? Good question. Visit her on Facebook and ask her - she said she would share her secret!

Rachael is a 2007 Clemson alum and loves all things orange and purple - so lately she's shot several engagement sessions in Clemson. I love her work - make sure you visit her Web site to see more of these amazing photo shoots.

Lime Green Room is based in Greenville, but travels all over the for photo shoots. She loves capturing unique angles, interesting depths of field, and spontaneous moments in her photos. If you're interested in booking a photo shoot with Rachael, e-mail her at , visit her website at , or message her on Facebook.

Clemson's Homecoming is right around the corner - have Rachael come by your tailgate and capture your family tailgating and enjoying the beautiful Fall weather in Clemson. It's never too early to plan your family Christmas cards... :)

A big, big thank you again to Rachael for capturing such amazing photos for us on Saturday - if you visit her on Facebook, make sure you drop her a note on her page and let her know how much you enjoyed her photos!


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