September 12, 2010

09.11.10 - Clemson vs. Presbyterian College Gameday Photos

We are still bummed we couldn't make it to yesterday's Clemson vs. PC game, but looking at all of the amazing photos from professional photographer Rachael Bergstein of Lime Green Room Photography, we felt as if we were actually there!

Clemson took the win with a big 58 to PC's 21.

These photos are so amazing - Rachael did a super job capturing the Clemson spirit and the exciting atmosphere of a Clemson home game. She got so many photos of Clemson fans, little Clemson fans, Clemson landmarks, gameday outfits, tailgates, action shots from the game, etc. etc. etc.

View all of the gameday photos in the slideshow below, or visit our Flickr page to check them out and leave comments on your favorites!

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Do you have gameday photos you would like us to add to this album? Please email them to us at - we've already gotten a few from some of you...please keep them coming!

Stay tuned to the blog this week for some exciting new giveaways. Plus we'll have more gameday photos and videos from the Auburn game next weekend - that's right, we're making the trek down south to cheer on OUR Tigers against those other tigers. Who's coming with us? :)


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