July 8, 2010

Quick Poll: Would you wear a romper to a Clemson football game?

The first football game is drawing near, and for me personally, I like to have my game day outfits planned way in advance... there's nothing wrong with that, right? The opening game always draws a big Clemson crowd in town - so I want to look my best, but it will also be early September and so I need an outfit that will be temperature appropriate as well.

I know the look isn't for everyone, but I'm seriously considering a romper for the first home game. It's easy and comfortable, and I won't have to cross my legs while sitting in the stands. :)

What do you think? Would a romper make for a great gameday look for the first Clemson football game? Would you wear one?


1 comment :

Braden K. said...

Absolutely not. These things are not acceptable ANYWHERE, least of all at a football game. Even a t-shirt dress is a stretch.

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