June 16, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays: Part I - Marina and Hunter's Clemson Love Story

Meet fellow Clemson alums and lovely couple, Marina and Hunter. I am thrilled to share their love story and engagement photos, taken in Clemson, with you today!

Marina went to Southern Wesleyan for her undergrad, but graduated with her Masters in Accounting from Clemson in August of 2009. Hunter is a December 2007 Clemson grad with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture.

The Love Story...
The two actually knew each other for 10 years before they started dating. Marina is originally from Argentina and moved to Clemson with her family in 1998 - where she started ninth grade at Daniel High School. That is when she met Hunter and they became fast friends. "He loved making fun of my accent," Marina told us. They remained close friends through high school and college - but it wasn't until August of 2008 that they realized that perhaps they were meant to be more than friends.

The Proposal...
Hunter kept talking to Marina about wanting to go on a hike, but they never seemed to find the time to go. One day Hunter let Marina know he had the day off work because of some "electrical work". Since he was going to have the day off, they decided that would be the perfect day to go hiking. They woke up early, packed some food and hit the road for Table Rock. Hunter was very protective of his lunch bag, but Marina didn't think anything of it.

After hiking for six miles, Marina's foot started to bother her. "Of course, I wasn't wearing great socks, and my right foot was hurting me a little," says Marina, "but I tried not to let it bother me." Once they got to the peak of the trail, they sat down to enjoy their food. Hunter started asking Marina about her foot and wanted her to stand up so he could look at it. She kept refusing him, repeating that she didn't think anything was wrong. He persisted until Marina gave in and stood up. As she stood up, Hunter got down on one knee and proposed! They stayed up in the mountain for two hours celebrating - sipping on wine that Hunter had sneaked into his bag of food. "It was the most perfect day!" Marina told us.

The Wedding...
Marina and Hunter wasted no time in getting married! Hunter proposed in December of 2009 and they were married this past April! They were married at the Upcountry History Museum in Greenville. The couple planned the entire wedding on their own and take great pride in that fact. "We had a blast!" Marina said.

Hunter and Marina chose Clemson as the backdrop for their engagement photo shoot because they both have so many memories at Clemson and think the campus is beautiful - including a fondness for Nick's Tavern & Deli, their fave Clemson watering hole. :)

The couple used Jacob Dean photography for their photos - a local photography business run by Clemson alums and married couple Jacob and Jenny Dean. Marina said they had such a blast - and I think that's evident in the photos.

We are so in love, love, love with Jacob and Jenny Dean's photos that we will be featuring another one of their sessions - a Clemson wedding - and more info about Jacob Dean Photography in today's Part II of our Wedding Wednesdays! So stay tuned...

Lots of love to Marina and Hunter for sharing their amazing photo shoot (and love story) with our readers today. Their photos make me want to meet them at Nick's Tavern and drink a beer with them. :)

Do you have a Clemson wedding idea, wedding photos, engagement shoot, etc., and you'd like for us to share with our readers, please email us!


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