June 18, 2010

Fort Hill Family Dentistry is a new Clemson business worth smiling about

About a month ago we added a new sponsor to our ads on the right hand side of this blog – you may have noticed and thought, “Dentistry???” That’s right! Beautiful, healthy smiles are one of the most important accessories to any Clemson Girl style.

Please give a warm Clemson welcome to new local business and one of our newest sponsors, Fort Hill Family Dentistry. I’m excited to advertise and partner with this new Clemson dentist - not only are our beautiful smiles what make us Clemson girls so charming [insert charming wink and grin here], but Fort Hill Dentistry is owned and operated by Clemson alums and couple Mark (DMD) and April Fowler.

April and Mark Fowler, DMD with their puppy Friday.
Fort Hill Family Dentistry is located in the heart of Clemson at 124 Strode Circle. Mark and April renovated the building for their new business – and based off of these photos, they have put in a lot of work. I love the large, white brick fireplace and light color schemes – it really makes for a very inviting and cozy atmosphere.


In progress. Taken a few weeks ago. Looks 100% better even in progress.

Opening day for Fort Hill Family Dentistry is next Wednesday, June 23rd, open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can call them at 864.722.9050 to schedule your convenient appointment. A ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for Monday, June 21st at noon (Chamber of Commerce announcement). If you’re a student or live in the area and are looking for a family-friendly dentist, then I highly recommend you visit the ribbon cutting ceremony and meet Mark and April.

You can also find them on Facebook...become a fan. Check out their photo album "Construction" - there's a super cute picture of April in it and it will also show you all the hard work her and Mark have put into the office. They've done such an amazing job with the place.

And to brighten your day (and your smile), Fort Hill Family Dentistry is offering a FREE teeth whitening with your first exam. Now THAT’s worth smiling about. :)

Guess what? That's not all....

Giveaway! Giveaway! Giveaway!
Mark and April wanted to sponsor a special giveaway for our readers - they are giving away a FREE Oral B Triumph 9900 Toothbrush with Smart Guide...a $150 value!! To win, all you need to do is comment on this blog post and tell us your first name and last (or just last initial), where you're from, and answer the question, "What is the one thing that always makes you smile??" That's all!

Become a fan of Fort Hill Family Dentistry's Facebook page, mention it in your comment, and you'll get an extra entry!

You have until midnight this Sunday, June 20th to enter. We will randomly draw and announce the winner on the blog on Monday! Good luck to everyone!

Don't forget to share this post on Facebook or share on Twitter so all of your friends and family can enter too!

Thanks Mark and April for sponsoring this amazing giveaway! I'm all 'smiles' about it. :D



Lauren Hart said...

1 thing that always makes me smile: tailgating with friends for Clemson football!

Other things that make me smile: sunny summer days, sweet tea, fresh mint (especially in homemade mojitos), live music, kisses, days on the lake...

Lauren H., Anderson, SC

Anonymous said...

My son! He is the love of my life and no matter whats going on with me or if Im having a bad day, I can see him or hear his voice and smile.

Karen H., Hartsville SC

Anonymous said...

One thing that always makes me smile is my friends and family. They are such a blessing to me!

Jessica M., Lexington, SC

Anonymous said...

My dog Daisy always makes me smile, if I've had a bad day she always cheers me up. She is crazy and very loving. She is like my kid and she is always there for me when no one else is.
Amber T., Aiken, SC

Silly Lil Ole Me said...

Wonderful Page! The thing that makes me smile most is when I see an orange "Status" about Clemson come across my FaceBook page... makes me smile everytime!

Silly Lil Ole Me said...
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Anonymous said...

One thing that always makes me smile is seeing my parents show my children the "in and outs" of Clemson and and Tiger football. It is so wonderful to see a passion passed down from generation to generation.

Kindra M., Lexington, SC

Anonymous said...

It makes me smile that my father had the good sense to raise his "Clemson girl" (that's me) the right way in a strong and very orange Clemson household. Happy Father's Day Dad!

Jackie E

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the business. The house looks great!

Anything Clemson, always makes me smile! My kids always make me smile, especially when they are wearing their orange and holding their noses if they see any "chicken" attire!

Allison A., Lexington SC

Shakeeta F said...

The 1 thing that always makes me smile is my almost-5-month-old daughter. Every morning when she wakes up and sees Mommy, her face just lights up and it puts a huge grin on my face :D

Lisa Owens - williamston sc said...

That's an awesome give away! My children are the one thing that always puts a smile on my face!!!

melanie robinson said...

Melanie Robinson smiles when she looks at her sweet daughters and wonderful hubby!

tammybelle said...

Enjoy "Clemson Girl" posting ~

Tammy Staley

Mary Bailey said...

Mary Bailey--Bristol,TN
Fun times with my family make me smile.

DDW said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DDW said...

So many things make me smile, but recently I have been smiling becaue I am so proud of my Clemson Girl for making the Dean's list Spring Semester. She worked really hard and I am very proud of her! Diana W. from Florence, SC. (I also became a facebok fan of Fort Hill Family Dentistry)

Anonymous said...

Watching my kids have fun have the best childhood I can give them makes me smile. Whether they're at the lake, the beach, a Clemson game, or just swimming in the pool; when they smile, I smile!

Jennifer R
Simpsonville, SC

tessa said...

Anything my kids say or do makes me smile (well most of the time...)!

Sara Leigh said...

You guys have made the place look great! My twin daughters are what make me smile! Sara M. Clemson,SC

Jmsmason said...

I always smile when I walk out of my den past an original oil painting of the "Cheap Seats" bus from the baseball stadium. On top of this bus during a Clemson v. Carolina game I met my wonderful husband...and we won the game! That painting is a reminder of one of the best days of my life. How could you not smile?
Jess L. Columbia,SC

Amy Foose said...

One thing that always makes me smile is my family. No matter what they greet me each day with huge smiles on their faces and I can't help but return the smiles.

Amy Foose
Central SC

Andrea said...

My chidren make me smile!also I Love working on campus at the Library (had to give them a shout out!!)there's nothing like the atmosphere here! Congrats on your new business!! GO TIGERS!!

Andrea G. Seneca ,SC

Unknown said...

Man I wish there was a Grimsby dentist in a similar location. Dentist offices tend to make me nervous.

Unknown said...

There's a place that does Ancaster family dentistry in a similar location. I really prefer it that way.

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