May 19, 2010

Wedding Wednesdays: Part I - What's under your dress?

Some of you don't want a full fledged Clemson wedding, orange bridesmaids and all. However, you do want touches of Clemson included in your why not keep your Clemson spirit close to you during your ceremony...very close....with a Clemson garter!

I've seen a lot of brides use Clemson garters for their weddings. I love this idea. Looking around online, you can find some really pretty and unique Clemson garters. Check out a few of the Clemson garters I found. You could pick a dolled up garter with ribbons, bows, charms or a very simple and basic one. I think I would need two - one for the groom to throw at the reception, and one for me to keep! These are too pretty and fun to give away! Some of these actually come in pairs so you can do just that.

I think my favorites are the handmade ones from - and if you're feeling crafty and want to save money, create your own Clemson garter and make it even more unique to you.

Click on the images to visit the Web sites where you can purchase these lovelies..

Which one is your favorite? Did you wear a Clemson garter on your wedding day? Do you still have it?

Stay tuned to the blog today for Part II of our Wedding Wednesdays when we will be sharing a real wedding from a Clemson Girl reader! Here's your hint - the Clemson Tiger was very cold at this wedding... visit the blog later today to see why!

Would you like to share a Clemson wedding idea or your wedding with us to share on a future Wedding Wednesday? Please email us!


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