April 5, 2010

You can now officially wear white...

Clemson's Orange and White game is this weekend (Sat. April 10th - 4:00pm in Death Valley) and I am super excited. I know a lot of people say that this weekend isn't really a big deal...but any excuse to spend a weekend in Clemson, dressed in my orange and white, watching football, and seeing old friends is a big deal to me! And it gives me a nice dose of Clemson and football to hold me over until the Fall.

Have you seen the weather for the weekend? Beautiful spring temperatures...and now that Easter has passed, we can all wear white guilt free! Just make sure you pack your Tide pens in your purse! P.S. There are different opinions - some say white after Easter...others say after Memorial Day - I grew up with Easter, so that works for me...but everyone can decide for themselves. I think since it's the Orange and 'White' game you should be ok in white. :)

Check out these lovely outfits I put together that I think would be perfect for this weekend - cardigans and layers are key! Click the images to see a larger view...

You can find all of the items in these outfits at Target.com, OldNavy.com, AnnTaylorLoft.com, Gap.com, CharlotteRusse.com and WetSeal.com. Just search the sites by the product codes listed in each photo.

What do you think of these outfits? How would you accessorize them?

I am so excited about Clemson football...but in the Spring... Are you going to the Orange and White game this weekend? What are you wearing?


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