January 28, 2010

To wear white or not to wear white on gameday

I love white dresses - especially in the summer time when I'm rocking a great tan. But would I wear white to a Clemson gameday? I am not so sure.

I've seen a lot of really cute, white gameday dresses. I love how simple the white is and how you can dress it up with orange or purple accessories. Some Clemson Girls can really pull off this look, and a white dress is so classy.

My concerns with wearing white on gameday include...
  • My back side getting dirty... there's no telling where my bum might end up on gameday, the stands themselves are not pristine, let alone dirty tailgate chairs, sidewalks, grass, etc., etc., etc.
  • The whole debate about wearing white after Labor Day - technically the first game is before Labor Day (by two days), so I guess you're in the clear for the first game...but what about another September game?
  • What if we have weather like last year's football season? Soaking wet white dress...I don't need to go into detail...you get the idea.
  • Will a white dress add 10 pounds on me? We can all agree that white isn't the most flattering of colors.
But... I love the look - like the one below. You know I'm crazy about the one shoulder dresses - and I love how the orange is in your accessories. It's like the white dress gives you a blank canvas to decorate.

So.... would you wear a white dress to a Clemson gameday? Have you before? Comment on this blog post and share your thoughts, experiences, etc. OR email us photos of your white dress gameday outfit to share with the rest of the Clemson Girls....

Item Links:
- White dress from Lulus.com
- Necklace from Target.com
- Shoes from GoJane.com
- Handbag from GameDayDivas.com



Sarah Jane said...

SUPER cute! i love the one shoulder look also and the necklace is gorgeous! i understand about getting the white dirty...i am HORRIBLE at keeping things clean. But, for this look, i would be willing to work extra hard! lol LOVE IT!!!

Buckhead Belle said...

I've worn white for the first game before but that has been it. The look was cute though... white dress, orange necklace, gold jack rogers, and an orange bag.

But you do have to be careful to not get dirty! Such a struggle on gameday.

Kelly said...

I couldn't wear white on Gameday, I am way too messy eating taligate food before the game, and as you mentioned the possibility of getting rain again, not a good idea! But I've seen girls do it, and if you can girl more power to ya Rock it for me!

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