February 2, 2010

My Tuesday Orange Wish List

Sorry I've been m.i.a. lately.... lots going on this past week. How's your week going?

Why is it that rain always makes me want to shop online? Loving these shoes today....

And how adorable (and expensive..yikes!) are these J. Crew shoes for your little Clemson Girl...not sure I can justify spending this much on a little Clemson Girl who's feet will grow out of them soon anyways...but they are oh so pretty! I wish they made them in adult sizes...then I would consider emptying my wallet for them...

Which one isn't quite like the others? I had to include this dress in today's post because I'm afraid it will sell out (ModCloth.com dresses sell out instantly it seems). So the description calls it "coral red" - isn't that a fancy way of saying orange? Looks orange to me. :)


1 comment :

Buckhead Belle said...

That mod cloth dress is so cute!

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