July 19, 2009

Fun Clemson items at your local Cracker Barrel

I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch today - the Cracker Barrel off of I-26, Exit 19 in Spartanburg - and lo and behold I saw some cute Clemson stuff and took some pictures. I didn't get prices, but I am digging the blinking 'traffic light' and the serving dish and pitcher. I have the Clemson stone coasters in my car, and I love them - I highly recommend buying some. They keep that nasty drink ring from collecting in your cup holders in your car.

Here are the pictures I took - what do you think? I wonder if all the Cracker Barrels in South Carolina carry these items?

This hat is hilarious - but probably a little too warm for most Clemson games. Perfect for keeping your head warm during the USC game perhaps - although it is in Columbia this year, meaning it will probably still be 100 degrees even in November.

Ok, these things evidently cover your luggage handle? I've never seen this before - but I guess it's a good way to distinguish your bag from everyone elses on the baggage carousel.

And this last picture below is not Clemson related really (except we're all 'Smarties'..ba dum da), but I've never seen Smarties this big, so I had to take a picture. :)

So what other random places sell Clemson items that you would never suspect?

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