July 18, 2017

DIY Push Pin Map with Clemson Modern Map Art

With the recent removal of the Clemson House sign and pending demolition of Clemson House to make way for new buildings, it makes me think about all of the memories I have from the two years I lived in Clemson House when I was a student at Clemson University. The campus and the city of Clemson has changed so much since I was a student, and will only continue to keep changing.

Recently I was contacted by Modern Map Art - they turn city street maps and trail maps into beautiful pieces of wall art, pillows, and more. They asked me to check out their Clemson map art - cool versions of maps of the city of Clemson that are available in black and white or orange and purple.

These would make great gifts for any Clemson grad, student, or fan. The quality of the print is good, and the detail is clear.

As the skyline of Clemson and the campus change over time, I decided to turn this black and white, 18" x 24" Clemson Modern Map Art into a way to capture Clemson locations important to me as a reminder of the fond memories I have from Clemson.

All you need is a Clemson map from Modern Map Art, a foam board, adhesive spray, a ribbon or string for hanging, and push pins (preferably in orange, white, and purple of course)!

You can create this in less than 30 minutes. Spray the foam board with adhesive spray, place the Clemson map on the foam board, flatten with your hands to make sure there aren't any wrinkles.

If your foam board is bigger than your map like mine, use a box cutter or scissors to trim the excess board.

Next take a ribbon or string, tie a knot to create a loop, and glue to the back of the foam board at the top center.

I wanted labels for my push pins, so I created some mini pendants from orange paper - nothing fancy - and used a pen to write labels of locations I wanted to pin on the map.

The last step is to hang your map, then push your pins (and labels if you choose) into the locations you want to mark on the map. P.S. I had to look up a city of Clemson map online and match locations and roads to the detail on the map art since roads are not labeled.

This is a fun way to capture and display your meaningful Clemson locations, memories and moments. This would be a fun way for a family with multiple generations of Clemson alums to 'pin' where family members lived while a student at Clemson. A Clemson couple could use this as a guestbook of sorts for their Clemson wedding. Even framing this Clemson Modern Map Art and simply displaying it on a wall in your home is a great idea.

You can buy this Clemson map art from Modern Map Art on their website, and you can follow Modern Map Art on Instagram to see some of their other work and to get a code for 10% off of your purchase!

What other ideas do you have for how these cool Clemson Modern Map Art maps can be used?


Ellania said...

Wow, it's so creative! I think children will like it if we use these maps in geography class or games.

Install faceappapk said...

I will make it for my chirldren

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