May 11, 2016

Wedding Wednesday: Colleen and Brandon Clemson Wedding

Happy Wedding Wednesday Clemson Girls! We have a very special wedding story to share with you today. Get ready to 'oooh' and 'ahhh' when you read about and see the photos from this beautiful Clemson wedding. The photos were taken by the talented Sabrina Fields.

Former Clemson football player Brandon Thomas scored big when Colleen (now his wife) said 'Yes' to his proposal. Not only is Colleen beautiful, she is smart - having graduated from Clemson in 2013 with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Brandon also graduated in 2013 with a degree in Secondary Education - History.

Brandon and Colleen had a mutual friend that introduced the two of them at a Chic-fil-A. After spending lots of time doing homework together, Brandon and Colleen had their first "unofficial" date at a sushi restaurant in Clemson. To celebrate these firsts, the couple served sushi and chicken nuggets at their wedding cocktail hour.

The Proposal
For a Christmas gift, Colleen's parents surprised them both with a night of fun for New Year's Eve at a hotel in Providence, RI. The two of them got all dressed up, enjoyed a fancy dinner, and then danced and partied the night away. As soon as the countdown to midnight started, Brandon turned to the closest guy and asked him to capture the whole moment on video. Brandon told Colleen, "Let's take a picture to capture the midnight moment." The countdown hit zero. They had their midnight kiss. Brandon whispered in Colleen's ear "I love you". Let's start the new year off right" and got down on one knee.

What a romantic proposal! Swoon! We asked Colleen how Clemson has played a role in their relationship. She told us that Clemson was the place where it all began. She says they knew right away that they wanted to get married at the Madren Center in Clemson. They called the venue and booked it a day after they got engaged!

Colleen is from a small town in Massachusetts and Brandon is from Spartanburg, SC, and they currently reside in California. Their friends and family from New England and the West Coast just don't understand why Colleen and Brandon are so obsessed with Clemson. They knew they had to bring everyone together to this magical place to celebrate their special day.

Colleen and Brandon included a lot of special nods to Clemson throughout their ceremony to show their love of all things Clemson. Brandon had an AMAZING Groom Cake that showed his journey through his football career - Dorman HS, Clemson University, San Francisco 49ers. Cake was created by Holly's Cakes.

Colleen donned a Clemson garter.

They included decor with a Clemson Football with the wedding date on it.

The took wedding photos with the entire wedding party Clemson's campus at iconic locations like Sikes Hall, Tillman, and the library fountains. Our favorite was the photo they took on the Clemson Paw with their wedding date on it.

The couple even took a photo in front of the Esso with their names and wedding date on the marquee.

The reception even included Tiger Paw shaped butter! LOVE!

And of course, a Clemson wedding isn't complete without a visit from the Clemson Tiger - who danced at the reception, led the Clemson alum guests in Tiger Rag, and posed for pictures with Brandon and his Clemson football teammates.

Colleen and Brandon also included many special traditions in their wedding as well. Colleen used lace from her mother's wedding dress around her bouquet.

The ceremony included the African American tradition of jumping the broom.

What an amazing wedding! It was beautiful, and from the photos, looked like a ton of fun! Thanks so much to Colleen and Brandon for sharing their Clemson love story and amazing Clemson wedding. We wish you all the best!

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