June 10, 2015

Wedding Wednesday - Mary and Steve Clemson Wedding

There are brides who include Clemson in their weddings here an there - maybe their garter, the groom's cake, or Clemson favors.

Then there are brides who cannot hide their Tiger pride and devotion. These brides have true Clemson weddings, and Clemson is incorporated in everything. While we love all Clemson Girl weddings, these true Clemson weddings are some of our favorites. Even if a Clemson Girl bride-to-be doesn't plan on having an 'all things orange and purple' wedding, she can be inspired by the brides who do have these types of weddings.

When Clemson Girl Mary sent us photos of her recent Clemson wedding (June 6 - congrats Mary!), we were so excited to share these photos with our readers. There are so many fun Clemson touches in her wedding that any bride-to-be can use for ideas when planning their wedding. And the fact that Mary has a sweet love story to go along with her photos is just icing on the {wedding} cake. :)

Mary and her new husband Steve were both raised in the Upstate in die-hard Tiger loving families. They both come from a long family line of lifelong IPTAY members, and the two are lifelong IPTAY members as well.

Even though they both grew up in the Upstate and share a love of Clemson, Mary and Steve met by fate on the dating website Plenty of Fish.

Mary and Steve took a trip to Myrtle Beach together soon after they first met. A little over a year later, the couple was visiting Myrtle Beach again with some friends. Steve felt this was the perfect spot for a proposal since that was the location of their first trip together. Steve took Mary down to the beach, got down on one knee, and proposed. Mary said 'yes!' of course.

Clemson has played a major role in the blossoming love between Mary and Steve. The two are not only die hard Clemson fans, but they attend Clemson football games together and have even worked some of the Clemson football games together. Nothing brings two people closer like Clemson football!

As you can see from the photos, Mary's wedding was all things orange, purple, white...and Clemson. Everything had a Clemson touch - the wedding party clothes, the cake, orange punch, decorations... right down to Mary's pedicure!

We really like the 'unity' sand art in orange, purple, and white. What a neat idea for incorporating Clemson colors, and something you will have forever and can put on display.

Thanks so much to Mary for sharing her love story and her great Clemson wedding photos with us for today's Wedding Wednesday post!

If you are a Clemson bride-to-be who had Clemson engagement photos, or a Clemson Girl bride who had a Clemson wedding or included Clemson inspired aspects in your wedding, and you would like us to share your story in a future Wedding Wednesday post, send us an email at clemsongirlblog@gmail.com.

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