November 5, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Henry and Amanda Clemson Engagment Photos

You may be familiar with our popular Wedding Wednesday series we post every Wednesday during the months of May and June - featuring engagement photos and weddings of Clemson Girls.

When long time Clemson Girl reader Amanda reached out to us and wanted to share her Clemson engagement photos with us, they were so gorgeous and fun, we thought... why not have an impromptu Wedding Wednesday post in November?! We love sharing these photos and stories with all of you!

Meet Amanda and Henry.

Both are Clemson alums...Amanda graduated in 2008 with a degree in Psychology, and Henry graduated in 2009 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Henry and Amanda met in 2005 during their sophomore year at Clemson. While hanging out with mutual friends who lived in Amanda's apartment in Calhoun Courts, Henry began to flirt with a very shy Amanda by hitting her with a couch pillow. She hit him back with a pillow and then took his favorite Clemson baseball cap off his head, so he would continue to chase her.

The flirting continued that first semester, and soon after the winter break ended, Henry finally asked Amanda on a dinner date to the Olive Garden. At the end of their first date, he asked if she would like to be his girlfriend. She said "Yes" and then he made it 'Facebook Official'. :)

The Proposal

In November of 2013, Henry and Amanda boarded the Carnival Imagination for a 4-night Western Caribbean Cruise to Key West and Cozumel. The weekend before, Henry had secretly met with Amanda's father in Atlanta to explain his wish to marry his daughter and ask for his blessing.

On the second night of the cruise, it was announced that evening dress code was Cruise Elegant Dining attire. After finishing dinner, Henry rushed Amanda to the location where karaoke was on the cruise.

Henry walked up to the emcee to request his song, but would not tell Amanda what song he had chosen. He got up on stage, dedicated his song to Amanda, and then began to serenade her with the song "Everything". He knew this was her favorite Michael Bublé song and he wanted it to be their song. When the instrumental break began after the second chorus, Henry walked off the stage to where Amanda was sitting.

"What are you doing?" Amanda hissed. "The song isn't over."

Henry got down on one knee and asked Amanda to marry him. With all the attention on her, she was speechless and remained frozen in her seat. All she could do was smile. A man from the audience yelled, "Say yes!". Amanda nodded, said "Yes", and Henry put the diamond ring on her finger.

The couple are getting married in Greensboro, Georgia in April of next year. When asked why they chose a Spring wedding, Amanda says, "Because the Fall is for Football. Spring is for weddings!"

Special thanks to the couple's photographer, Jessica Ashley of Peachtree Photography, for letting us share these beautiful photos. And a big, Clemson Girl thank you to Amanda for reaching out to us and offering to share her sweet love story. Best wishes to this adorable couple!

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Katie Mac said...

Love these pictures! Can't wait to celebrate in April! xoxo Katie Mac

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