June 4, 2014

Wedding Wednesday - Beryl + Trey Clemson engagement photos and love story

Happy, happy Wedding Wednesday! We have quite a treat for you today! One of our favorite Clemson photographers, Red Apple Tree Photography, has shared yet another beautiful Clemson engagement photo session with us, featuring a very lovely couple - Beryl and Trey. Beryl actually found Red Apple Tree Photography on ClemsonGirl.com from a past Wedding Wednesday post we did featuring another of the photographer's amazing engagement engagement photos. We feel very honored to have played a small role in connecting such a sweet couple with such a great photographer... and we feel even more honored after seeing these lovely photos! Wow!

Meet Beryl and Trey -- both proud Clemson graduates. Beryl majored in Animal and Veterinary Science with a minor in Education, and Trey majored in Bioengineering. Soon after they both graduated in May 2012, the couple moved across the country to Davis, California for Trey and Beryl to attend grad school at University of California, Davis.

Beryl and Trey were high school sweethearts. Beryl told us, "It started out with him carrying my books to my locker and the rest was history!" The two started dating their Junior year of high school and went to both of their high school proms together (Fun Fact: Beryl's "something old" was her necklace from their senior prom). Beryl said they realized sometime in college that they were going to spend the rest of their lives together.

The Proposal (as told by Beryl)
We were essentially inseparable in college. It was very hard for Trey to find time to even think about finding an engagement ring without me there!

One day, only two weeks before graduating from Clemson, he decided to quickly stop by the mall in Greenville after his research job “just to look.” He found a ring that was absolutely perfect and that was impossible to leave the store without. The only person he told that he bought the ring was his dad!

Trey didn’t waste any time: he finalized plans for a picnic and pictures at Falls Park in downtown Greenville so that he could propose the very next day! We often went to Falls Park, so it shouldn’t I wasn't suspicious at all - we’d already planned to go to Falls Park for a couple weeks, even before Trey was planning on proposing. But maybe as a testament to how close we are, I somehow just "knew" that he was going to propose!

On the day of our park date, Trey lead me to the spot where we had had our first picnic ever in Falls Park, and he set up my camera on a tripod to document our last date at the park before graduation. In between pictures, Trey got down on one knee and proposed! Even though I'd somehow guessed that it was coming, the proposal could not have been more perfectly done. And we've already gotten to visit “our” spot in Falls Park again, and will return many times in the future!

Even though the couple started dating in high school, they still consider Clemson to be the place where they truly fell in love. All of their Clemson memories were made together. Beryl and Trey like to say that even though they didn't grow up knowing each other (he didn't even move to Beryl's town she grew up in until 8th grade), they really "grew up" together. Beryl says, "We became the adults that we are today with each other by our sides." So sweet.

So it comes as no surprise that the couple chose Clemson for the setting of their engagement photos, and the two chose Clemson for their wedding too! "Clemson is a place so special to us that we couldn't imagine getting married anywhere else," Beryl said.

Beryl and Trey got married under the Owen Pavilion at the Clemson University Conference Center. The same place where Beryl had her class ring ceremony. "So I received the two rings that I wear every day in the same place!", Beryl said. Love that!

Beryl described her wedding to us: "The view of Lake Hartwell was absolutely stunning as the sun was setting!! We had a Clemson garter, a Clemson groom's cake, a Clemson alumni picture, and of course cheered as loud as possible for Tiger Rag! My favorite Clemson touch, though, was our last song. When we were at Clemson, we were regulars at Tiger Town Tavern. We would frequently stay until close, and Triple TTT's last song of the night is 'Wagon Wheel' by Old Crow Medicine Show. So, just like old times, our last song was Wagon Wheel as well!" Love, love, love this idea!

We asked Beryl if there was anything else special she wanted to share with us, and she said, "Something that was very special to me was that my dad performed the wedding ceremony. He still walked me down the aisle of course! But after he handed me off to Trey, he just kept on going to the front of the alter to begin the ceremony. My dad means so much to me that I really wanted him, not anyone who we were not as close to, to perform the ceremony, so he became a notary public just for us!

And I couldn't have pulled the wedding off without my beautiful mother. She made every single burlap detail by hand, including over 100 tiny burlap favor bags! She hand-painted signs for the flower girl, welcome table, and our sweetheart table and made all of my bridesmaids gifts! Everywhere I looked on the wedding day reminded me of how talented and special she is to me.

Another really special detail was our main color: aquamarine. My name, Beryl, is a mineral that can come in many different forms, one of which is the stone aquamarine. AND to make it even more precious, Trey's birthstone is...aquamarine :) So tell me that the fact that my name is Trey's birthstone doesn't mean it was meant to be! ;)"

Did you just catch yourself saying "Awww" out loud like we did? This couple was definitely meant to be! A big, big thanks to Beryl and Trey for letting us share their engagement photos. And guess what? They have also shared their wedding photos -- so later today, we will do another post and share their amazing wedding photos.

And of course, a big thanks to Red Apple Tree Photography for allowing us to share these AMAZING photos. Just wait until you see the wedding photos - you probably think they can't get any better than the photos in this post... they are better! Please take the opportunity to visit Red Apple Tree Photography on Facebook and 'Like' them and browse their other gorgeous photography sessions -- and maybe post on their wall and let them know how talented they are!

Don't forget to visit the blog again this afternoon to view Beryl and Trey's wedding photos!

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