October 10, 2013

Clemson in the City - Support your fellow Clemson Alumni

We love to see Clemson alumni who are active in their communties and active in connecting alumni in these communities. Whether it's getting together to cheer on the Tigers or getting together to raise money for the University or for charitable causes, good things always come out of Clemson alumni who network.

Getting involved in your local alumni or young alumni Clemson chapter is a great way to make new friends with people who share a passion for Clemson like you do. Local alumni clubs always welcome non-members to their viewing parties too. So, if you live too far away to attend a Clemson game in Death Valley, or you don't have a ticket, attending an alumni club's game viewing party is a great way to watch the games surrounded by Clemson fans and meet new people.

There are Clemson alumni clubs in cities from coast to coast. If you haven't already, look up your local Clemson Alumni Club and Young Alumni club, and GET INVOLVED!

When we were recently contacted by the Vice President of the Clemson Young Alumni NYC and Tri-State area club asking us to promote their new tshirt, we were of course more than happy to oblige.

The Clemson Alumni and Young Alumni NYC and Tri-State Area club is a very active group of alumni who rep Clemson well in the North - even waking up before dawn to get front and center, decked out in Clemson colors, to make it on camera during one of Good Morning America's College Week episodes.

You may have also heard of this active alumni group last Saturday when they had a visit to their Clemson vs. Syracuse game viewing party by none other than C.J. Spiller!

What do you think of the t-shirt CJ is holding? The Clemson Young Alumni of NYC and Tri-State Area are selling these cool Clemson NY tshirts and you don't have to be a member of the club to get one -- they are available to anyone who wants to purchase one!

Shirt prices are as follows:
Club Member: 1 for $15.00 or 2 for $25.00
Non-Member: 1 for $23.00 or 2 for $40.00
**Prices include shipping!

How to Order:
To purchase a shirt, email the VP of the Clemson Young Alumni of NYC and Tri-State Area club at vicepresident@nycclemsonclub.com with your full name, size you would like, and an email address for them to send your tshirt invoice to.

Support your fellow Clemson alums and get this one-of-a-kind Clemson tshirt! We are all so lucky to be a part of an amazing Clemson family that stretches across the country and around the world! Go Tigers!!

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