July 24, 2013

Take a trip down Clemson memory lane...

One of the things we always say when we are back in Clemson is how much things have changed since we were there as a student... a Starbucks? No fair! Publix!? What???

But even though new businesses move into Clemson, one thing you can count on is that the charm of Clemson will always be the same. While there may be new additions like parking garages and condos, most of Clemson - especially downtown Clemson - rarely changes.

We found a great series of historic Clemson Photos on the blog The Tiger Pregame Show - you could spend hours reading their 'Historic Picture of the Day' posts which features an old photo and tells the story behind it.

We picked a few we thought were really interesting to share with you here...

The Red Carpet Lounge and a Pizza Hut in the
1970's where Tiger Town Tavern is now.
Dan's Sandwich Shop in the 1950's where TD's is today.
Cooper Library construction in 1964.
Clemson Shoe Service in the 1960's - now the back entrance to TD's.
This is a shot of Riggs Field from the 80's - not much has changed in the last 30
years.. but if you have been to Clemson recently, you probably noticed that Riggs
field is under some major construction, so it won't look like this for much longer.
It's the band...that shakes...the Southland....Tiiiiiger Band!
This photo is from the 1940'sof Tiger Band at the time, marching into
what was then the Northwest corner of Memorial Stadium.
Does this space look familiar? Before Tiger Town Tavern, and before
the Red Carpet Lounge, there was Martin's Drug Store. A popular locale
for the Clemson cadets in the 1950's.
Speaking of the 1950's -- this photo is a snapshot of downtownClemson during that time.
You'll notice some familiar landmarks that are still downtown today.
And it looks like parking was just as much of a pain then as it is now!
Now the Tiger Sports Shop, this is the notorious
Clemson theater and marquee from 1968.
Here's another photo of Dan's Sandwich Shop from the late 1960's
-- where TD's and Subway are located now.
This photo of Lynch Drugs was taken shortly after it opened in 1963,
and it was open in this location for 33 years after! If you visit this location
now, you will find a Hallmark in it's place.
Finally - let's go back...waaaay back to the early 1920's.
Use Tillman in the background to get a perspective of
where this photo is. Where is TD's and Subway??
Another photo of downtown Clemson in the early 1920's,
supposedly taken by the same photographer as the photo above from
across the street. Where's Tiger Town Tavern? Tickled Orange?

What are some of your fondest memories when you were at Clemson? Favorite restaurant that's no longer around? Favorite bar you frequented that has since been replaced? Will anyone EVER buy the Zack's property?? :)


Emily @ LaForce Be With You said...

My husband and I were definitely sad when Ancheaux's closed down fairly soon after we graduated. It was a great place to go when we were at Clemson with delicious burgers and burritos! Although it did have some strange hours..

Other faves are Pot Belly Deli, Tiger Town Tavern and TD's... hope those never close!

SunSweet6 said...

Where did you find these pictures?? I'd love to get a large print for the house!

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