June 5, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Gina and Matt Clemson Engagement Photos

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Today we are excited we have another beautiful Clemson engagement photo shoot to share with you - this time from the very talented Davey Morgan Photography.

Meet Gina and Matt.
Matt graduated from Clemson in 2010 with a BS degree in animal and veterinary sciences. Gina graduated with a nursing degree from a local community college in her hometown. Even though she didn't go to Clemson, Gina is a big Clemson fan. The couple met at a church that they both attend.

The Proposal (As told by Matt...)
"I proposed to Gina on July 3, 2008 after dating for two and a half years. We are both traditional people and love the country atmosphere. After asking her father for her hand in marriage, I selected her ring. At the time I was working on a beef cattle operation while I was attending Clemson for a degree in animal sciences. Being that we are both outdoor people I decided to propose to her at the farm. Late one evening after the feeding chores were finished, I walked Gina through the hay field we cut the week before to a beautiful live oak tree to watch the sun finish setting. While we were watching the sun set, Gina was standing in front of me, so I just kept quiet and dropped to my knee. As she turned around with a questioning expression on her face I asked her to marry me. Only her dad, my mom, and myself knew about the proposal so of course her mom was just as surprised as she was. After being engaged for 5 years we finally set our date for October of this year at Tyger Pines Arabians, a horse farm, in front of a big white plantation house."

Gina told us that Clemson strengthened the couple's relationship due to the distance between the two while Matt attended Clemson, helping them to build trust and love along the way.

Gina and Matt picked Clemson as the back drop for their engagement pictures because it is such a special place to them and something special for Matt to look back on, being a Clemson alumni.

Special thanks to Davey Morgan Photography for allowing us to share these gorgeous photos, and another big thanks to Gina and Matt as well!


John Gillespie said...

Awesome photography!

Michelle Brooks Photography said...

I love the shots. Way to capture the school spirit.

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