May 15, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Sarah and Brent Clemson wedding and love story

Good morning Clemson Girls and Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Today we are featuring a Clemson wedding of an adorable couple, Sarah and Brent. From their photos, we really wish we had been a guest at their wedding. It looked like such a great time!

Sarah and Brent are both Clemson graduates. Brent graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in December 2008, and Sarah graduated from Clemson with a Bachelors degree in Elementary Education in May of 2010 and a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in August of 2012.

The couple met at the first home Clemson baseball game in 2008. This was when students were still allowed to sit behind the outfield. Sarah and her friend were late to the game and had to stand -- that is until Brent offered the two some chairs with him and his friends. Sarah and Brent started talking to each other and ended up spending the rest of the day together. The rest, Sarah says, is history...

The Proposal (told by Sarah)
"Upon arriving in Clemson after a few days at the beach, Brent said he needed to go downtown Clemson to get a shirt. Although tired of being in a car, I agreed – who can refuse a trip to the beautiful downtown area of Clemson? Brent parks our car beside the President’s house and said we could walk to downtown from there. Of course, we followed the President’s path. As we were walking down the path, I asked Brent, “Do you know the tradition of this path?” He replied that he did not. So I explained, “The tradition is that if you walk down this path holding someone’s hand, you are going to marry them.” Jokingly, Brent let go of my hand and jumped off the path – we laughed and he immediately joined me back on the path hand in hand. When we got to the gazebo at the end of the President’s path, Brent stopped in front of me. He began saying beautiful words that I can hardly remember after I heard him tell me he loved me (Brent had told me that he would never tell any girl that he loved them until he was about to get on one knee). I do remember him getting down on one knee, and me saying with tearful eyes, “YES!” He had designed and picked up the ring before the beach, but had decided that Clemson’s President Path was where he wanted to propose."

Clemson has obviously played a very important role in the couple's relationship. Clemson is where they met, where they got their educations, where most of their earliest memories together were made, where Brent proposed, and where they continue to meet up with friends during football season.

Sarah remembers her roommate telling her during Sarah's sophomore year at Clemson that Sarah loved Clemson so much, that she bet Sarah's wedding colors would be orange and purple. Little did she know that she was right! Sarah's bridesmaids wore orange and her honorary bridesmaids wore purple. The couple was married at Owen Pavilion at the Madren Center in Clemson. Her flowers were orange, purple, and white, and the wedding cake was white with orange ribbon. Sarah also wore bright orange shoes with her wedding dress, along with a matching garter.

At the beginning of the reception, there was a 10 minute torrential downpour and storm. Everyone huddled toward the center of the pavilion as family friends protected the cake. It was a funny memory for the couple that ended with cooler temperatures and a beautiful Clemson orange sunset over Lake Hartwell.  The dancing and fun soon followed...

The Tiger made an appearance at the wedding and Tiger Rag was played by their live band. The Tiger also posed for the traditional group photo of all the current Clemson students and Clemson alumni in attendance (Sarah's dad being one of them - 1978).

At the end of the reception, Sarah and Brent rode away on their friend's boat on Lake Hartwell. Later, the couple met up with the rest of the wedding party for a night in downtown Clemson - still decked out in their wedding attire.

We asked Sarah for any advice she has for soon-to-be Clemson Girl brides. Here is what she said:
"Enjoy the day! Don’t worry about what can go wrong, because this is the only day that all your family (from both sides) and all your friends will be together in one place in such a celebratory fashion."

Special thanks to the lovely couple, Sarah and Brent, for sharing their gorgeous photos and sweet love story with us today.

Sarah and Brent's wedding was photographed by the talented Tyler and Bri of 35 Atlanta Photography.

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