December 5, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Katie and Mark's Clemson Proposal

Today's Wedding Wednesday will have you saying "Awww!". Today's post is about Clemson alums Katie and Mark and their amazing Clemson proposal story, sent to us by Katie's mom.

Katie and Mark met at Clemson. He played soccer for Clemson and was also the football team's kicker. They met downtown, and started taking almost daily walks on the dike to get to know each other before they actually started dating. They soon started dating the Spring semester before Katie graduated. Mark had graduated a year earlier, but had stayed to get his graduate degree and kick one more year for the football team.

In the fall of 2010, Katie's family and Mark's family went up for the Clemson/Ga. Tech game. Mark had already asked Katie's dad for her hand in marriage a month before and was planning the special proposal for that weekend. His whole family knew, and so did Katie's.

Mark and Katie went to the soccer game that Friday night and then rode around campus discussing all the special places they had been and the dike where it all started. The next morning they went to Pot Deli for breakfast (their favorite breakfast place) and Mark told Katie he had a surprise for her. They drove to the Clemson airport. Mark had stayed in contact with a couple of the pilots that used to fly him from his soccer games on Friday nights to his football games on Saturday. Mark had set it up for one of them to take him and Katie up in a plane and fly them over Clemson and the mountains in North Carolina. He had mentioned this to Katie in the past that he would do that for her one day, so she wouldn't get suspicious.

In the meantime, Mark had painted a 75 foot banner with the words, "Katie, will you marry me?" on it - that her dad and his dad were to roll out on the dike where there relationship began. The couple flew around for about an hour before flying over Clemson's stadium and on the third time they flew over the dike, the banner was to be rolled out. The pilot lowered the plane so Katie could see, and when she commented by saying, "Look there's our dike", she saw the banner that read, "Katie, will you marry me?" - to which she yelled, "What?!?", turned around and there was Mark in the floor of the airplane holding out a box with an engagement ring.

We don't think the pilot ever regained his hearing, because they were all wearing headphones! Katie answered yes and they flew back to the airport. Mark and Katie's family were waiting for them at a tailgate in front of Bowman field, where they had a big engagement party with family and friends.

The couple is now living in Cumming, Georgia, and are very, very happy! They go to a lot of the football games, and of course they never miss the Ga. Tech/Clemson game!

What a lovely couple and such a wonderful proposal story! Thank you so much to Katie's mother who emailed us and shared these photos and story.

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