December 19, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Elisabeth and Hunter's Clemson Love Story

Happy Wedding Wednesday ladies! This will probably be the last Wedding Wednesday until the Spring....but you never know, we may do an occasional one before then - so keep sending in your love stories and amazing photos!

Today's post features Clemson alums and college sweethearts, Elisabeth and Hunter. Hunter is currently working on getting his PhD in Electrical Engineering at Clemson and Elisabeth is working as an event manager at a local restaurant and hoping to eventually get her MBA from Clemson.

Their engagement photos were taken by the super talented Rebecca Moseley, the bride's best friend and Maid of Honor.

Hunter and Elisabeth met through a series of events. The first of which was a get together at a Berkeley apartment after a TigerPaw Productions director traiing during Elisabeth's junior year. Elisabeth met a few people that night that got her interested in Clemson Wesley. Elisabeth started attending some Wesley events, including dinner at China Wok where she first met Hunter.

After hanging out a good bit, lots of late night chats, and thousands of texts, Hunter finally asked Elisabeth out on dates (which she didn't know were dates), such as lunch at Chickfila, studying at Starbucks, and walks around campus. Elisabeth started praying about Hunter and asking God if this is where He was leading her. A few weeks later, Hunter asked Elisabeth if she would like to go to his spot and pray with him. Elisabeth agreed. They went to the place underneath the trees by the reflection pond and got Starbucks afterwards - which became their first official date. They have been inseparable ever since.

The Proposal (as told by Elisabeth herself)
"On our one year anniversary, I was woken up by a loud banging on my window at 8:30am. I sleepily got up and walked out of my room. I saw my friend Rebecca on the couch and asked, "Now what?" She pointed to the front door. I walked to the front door, opened it, and saw a gorgeous vase of a dozen red roses with Letter #1 inside. I walked in and read the letter which told me I was going on an adventure today and that there were other letters and I needed to find them.

Rebecca had the next letter. Then her other friends Thomas, and then Lane. Letter #4 had $50 inside it and told me to use it to go get a mani/pedi since he would always spoil me. After I went and had that done, I got Letters 5-8 from more friends Bebeau, Marlon, Molly, and Austin. Letter #8 told me to go home, get all dolled up, and go to Starbucks at 5:45pm where the Baristas would have my next letter.

I went home and got ready and then went to Starbucks. I got letter #9 from the Barista behind the counter. I read it and it told me to grab our drinks and head to our spot to recreate our first date, which was a year ago from that day.

As I walked down to our spot I saw that it was lit with candles and white lights hung on the tree. The record player was playing Jack Johnson's Better Together. I set the drinks down and Hunter put his arm around me and started to read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. It took him a couple tries since we were both crying so hard.

Once he finished he told me he loved me and had a lot more to say but couldn't get it out, but said that the last letter said it all. He bent down on one knee and asked, "Will you marry me?" with the last letter in his hand. I choked out a "Yes!" and got wrapped up in a teary hug. I opened the last letter which contained the ring, and had the sweetest message I have ever read. I gave Hunter the ring and he got back down on one knee and put it on my finger. I have never, ever been happier.

All the letters contained Bible verses and highlighted a reason why he loved me. After we got our spot cleaned up, we went to Pixie and Bill's for dinner. It was the best day I've ever had and I couldn't be any happier!"

The pair recently got married this past August at Clemson United Methodist Church. Their wedding photos were taken by the talented Photos by Cameron, whom Elisabeth has been friends with since 7th grade.

Congrats to such a beautiful couple who are no doubt madly in love with one another! Thank so much for sharing your photos and your love story with us today!

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